4th quarter Successories winners recognized

Winners of the fourth quarter Successories contest

From left, bus driver Larry Parker, kindergarten teacher Kristie Schwartz, fourth-grade teacher Rebecca Gregory, music teacher Jim McGarvey and reading teacher Dacia Ransom were the winners in the Successories program for the fourth quarter.


The fourth quarter winners in Broadalbin-Perth’s “Successories” program have been selected for the 2016-17 school year, rewarding a bus driver with a personal day off and four teachers with restaurant gift cards.

At the close of each quarter, a winner of a $25 restaurant gift certificate is randomly drawn from among the completed “Successories” forms at each school building. Carbon-copy forms and collection boxes to recognize district “Successories” — a combination of the words “success” and “accessories” — are in each of the main offices of Broadalbin-Perth’s four schools. Students, parents, community members and other faculty and staff are invited to fill out the forms to honor faculty and staff members for helping others become a success.

One person from among the completed forms each quarter also is selected to receive a personal day, which Superintendent Stephen Tomlinson covers.

Bus driver Larry Parker was chosen as this quarter’s winner for the day off, which will be scheduled for some time in the fall. Because Tomlinson is not licensed to drive a bus, Director of Operations and Safety Mike Carney will drive Parker’s route, while Tomlinson rides along.

Music teacher Jim McGarvey, elementary reading teacher Dacia Ransom, kindergarten teacher Kristie Schwartz and fourth-grade teacher Rebecca Gregory were all selected to receive gift cards.

A grand prize winner of a $100 gift certificate also was chosen from all Successories submitted during the 2016-17 school year. Sandy Sullivan was the big winner this year.

Parker has worked in the B-P district for the past four years, having moved back to the area from Colorado upon his retirement from the rodeo. He received a Successory thanking him for his kindness after he transported a group of fourth-graders to Saratoga Battlefield.

Parker expressed gratitude for the recognition, but says being good-natured and kind is simply how he approached the job. “That’s how I roll … but it is great to get recognized,” he said, adding that B-P is a great place to work and that he truly enjoys his job.

McGarvey, who teaches music at the middle and high schools, has worked in the district for the past 18 years. His Successory came from a student who thanked McGarvey for his “hard work and great dedication.”

“I was very touched,” McGarvey said, noting that it shows that students are paying attention and care about their teachers.

Before coming to B-P, McGarvey was a jazz musician, playing and teaching piano. He said he enjoys working with students, taking a piece of music from the beginning to a polished, finished product.

Schwartz, a primary teacher in the district for 17 years, was recognized for her work on the Parent Teacher Organization. “You put in so much effort and time to benefit our students and their families,” the Successory read.

Schwartz served as the PTO president this past year and says the time commitment is all worth it. “The events we can bring to the kids and families are priceless,” she said. “That’s what keeps me going.”

Gregory, who has worked at B-P for 19 years, received a Successory for her work on the tie-dye shirts for field day at the intermediate school. “They’re all excited when they get the shirts. It brings us all together,” she said. “This is what the kids remember.”

Gregory said the staff at BPIS are all friends, which makes coming to work a pleasure. On being recognized with a Successory, Gregory said it’s good to be recognized for the things you do every day.

Ransom, a reading teacher at B-P for seven years, was awarded a Successory by a grandparent of s student who recognized Ransom for the reading foundation and confidence she instilled in her granddaughter. “Not only is she an excellent teacher and student advocate, she has been a tremendous support for us,” the Successory read.

Ransom said she looks for each student’s strengths and then makes sure they each feel special. She was touched by the recognition. “It shows that what we do matters; parents know we care,” she said, adding that the Successories program allows parents and teachers the chance to thank and show each other they care.

All members of the B-P community are encouraged to take the time to recognize the good work of others by participating in the Successories program. Successories boxes and forms will be in the main offices when school reopens in September.