Posted: 8/8/2011

Broadalbin-Perth 2011-12 Calendar to be Distributed to Students, Made Available at Area Businesses

The Broadalbin-Perth Central School District’s annual calendar will once again be distributed to students on the first day of school, Thursday, Sept. 8. The calendar, which was once mailed to all district residents, will also be available to district residents who do not have children attending the schools beginning no later than Tuesday, Aug. 23.

Last year, the district discontinued its practice of mailing a calendar to every household in the school district in order to save money. This year, residents who would like a copy of the 2011-12 calendar have the option of picking one up at the district office or at one of these local businesses:

  • Citizens Bank, 9 North Main Street, Broadalbin
  • NBT Bank of Vail Mills, 3711 State Highway 30, Broadalbin

Residents can also request to have a copy of the calendar mailed to their homes by calling the district office at 954-2500. Area business owners or managers can request to have copies of the calendar placed in their stores by calling the district communications office at 954-2640. A printable PDF of the calendar grids, which highlight important dates in the upcoming school year, can also be downloaded from the district website.

Residents who have children in Broadalbin-Perth schools can expect to receive a calendar during the first week of school. Classroom teachers will distribute calendars in their classrooms at three of the district’s schools. The district will use the following distribution system:

  • All children who attend The Learning Community will receive a calendar.
  • Children who attend the intermediate school who do NOT have a younger sibling who attends The Learning Community will receive a calendar.
  • Children who attend the middle school who do NOT have a younger sibling who attends the intermediate school or The Learning Community will receive a calendar.
  • Students who attend the high school and are the only children in their families attending Broadalbin-Perth schools can pick up their family’s copy of the district calendar in the high school main office.

The theme of the 2011-12 calendar is “Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.” The pages of the calendar highlight some of the district’s programs that are helping students prepare for college and careers. Landscape photos of the surrounding area, taken by Broadalbin-Perth High School photography students, are also featured on each month of the calendar.

“In addition to being the primary way we communicate important dates in the school year to the community, this year’s calendar gives us an economical way to show off some of the best programs we offer,” said Superintendent of Schools Stephen Tomlinson. “By working with a BOCES printer, we were able to keep costs down while still producing a high-quality calendar: After state aid is factored in, each calendar will end up costing the district less than 86 cents each. In my opinion, that’s a bargain.”