BPHS student’s artwork entered into competition

Allie Hadley poses with he work of art

A work of art created by BPHS senior Allie Hadley will be on display and in competition at the March 18 “Women Breaking Boundaries 1917 to 2017” symposium at HFM BOCES.

Hadley titled the piece “Women of the World Unite!” and described it in her submission as follows:

“This piece was inspired by the suffragists that lived and worked in New York. The largest portrait, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, inspired me to begin this piece. Her work for women was extensive and extremely important. Accompanied to her left is Sojourner Truth and Susan B. Anthony. Both also worked in New York for women’s rights. These women were the foundation of the movement and their impact is still strong today. In the back layer of glass, there are cracks. This acknowledges the struggles women went through and how we can still see the cracks in human rights. However, the lock and chain of inequality have been broken. While the main portraits highlight specific women, at the bottom you will see faceless protesters. I was inspired by a protest banner I saw in my research that said “Women of the World Unite”. The right to vote, granted in 1917, was achieved by all the women and men who protested for their equal rights.”