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Search for faculty and staff by first name, last name, school, email or position by using the box below.

Search tip: Use partial word searches to broaden and expand the possible results of your search. For example if the last name of the person you are looking for is ‘Peterson’, and you weren’t sure if it was spelled ‘Peterson’ or ‘Petersen’, searching on ‘Pete’ will return all records with ‘Pete’ in any of the fields. If you don’t know who you are looking for, start by calling the contacts listed on this page.

Not sure whom to speak with? Try using our Chain of Command Calling Guide.

District Office

20 Pine Street, Broadalbin, NY 12025
Phone: 518.954.2500  •  Fax: 518.954.2509

High School (grades 9-12)

High school home page

100 Bridge Street, Broadalbin, NY 12025
Phone: 518.954.2600  •  Fax: 518.954.2609

Middle School (grades 6-8)

Middle school home page

1870 County Hwy 107, Amsterdam, NY 12010
Phone: 518.954.2700  •  Fax: 518.954.2709

Intermediate School (grades 3-5)

Intermediate school home page

1870 County Hwy 107, Amsterdam, NY 12010
Phone: 518.954.2750  •  Fax: 518.954.2759

The Learning Community (pre-K through grade 2)

TLC home page

100 Bridge Street, Broadalbin, NY 12025
Phone: 518.954.2650  •  Fax: 518.954.2659

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Whom do I call with questions about…?

Board of Education meetings
— Georgia Baldwin, 518.954.2500
Buildings and grounds
— Mike Carney, 518.954.2512
Bus maintenance
— Mike Carney, 518.954.2512
Curriculum and instruction
— Terry LaFountain, 518.954.2621
District operations
— Stephen Tomlinson, 518.954.2500
Employment applications
— Georgia Baldwin, 518.954.2500
Public information
— Georgia Baldwin, 518.954.2500
Interscholastic athletics
— Mike Calvello, 518.954.2699
Registration of students
— Mary Chizek, 518.954.2631
Safety coordination
— Mike Carney, 518.954.2512
School lunch and breakfast
— Jim Garner, 518.954.2667
Special programs
— Christine Foglia-Sands, 518.954.2725
Student accident insurance
— Toby Ortell, 518.954.2513
Tax collection
— Toby Ortell, 518.954.2513
— Mike Carney, 518.954.2512
Use of school buildings
— Georgia Baldwin, 518.954.2500
Working papers
— Kim Boswell, 518.954.2620