12 high school students earn 1st Quarter Patriot Pride awards

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Leadership, compassion and the drive to succeed were among the qualities used to describe students who were nominated for Broadalbin-Perth High School’s 1st Quarter Patriot Pride Awards. The nominees are:

“In school, recognition is often focused on students’ grades, so this recognition focuses on the great things that our students do in a wide variety of ways,” Principal Mark Brooks said. “These stories show us why Broadalbin-Perth is an exceptional place. I couldn’t be prouder.”

The students were nominated by faculty members and recognized at a ceremony with their families on Nov. 20. Faculty members read their nomination forms and the students were given $10 gift cards funded by the school store.

“The students of Broadalbin-Perth are the best I’ve encountered, and this isn’t me selling a bill of goods,” Brooks said. “The cream of the crop is sitting in front of us. They are the reasons why all of us are here, and they are the people who all of us think about when we get up in the morning. They make our profession worthwhile.”

Brodryk Benton

Benton was nominated by his football coaches, with recognition presented by Jim Pelneau.

“Brodryk is a great example of a student athlete at B-P,” Pelneau said. “He works hard on the field and off. He is a captain of our team and great example for younger kids. He broke two school records for passing yards in a season and passing touchdowns in a season, all while coming back in less than a year from a broken leg.”

Noah Cernak

Cernak was nominated by Dave Newvine.

“Noah was an easy choice,” Newvine said. “He’s one of those students who is easy to have in the classroom. He’s hardworking, conscientious, responsible and accountable. I could go on and on, but the real reason I nominated him is because he cares. He sits in the front and asks great questions. We have nice conversations before and after class. He’s just everything you would want your student to be. He’s a model for everyone in the room, and class goes a lot better because he’s in it. I’m thankful to be his teacher.”

Katie Cromer

Cromer was nominated by CJ Vincent.

“I have the honor of having Katie as my right-hand lady,” Vincent said. “Katie is one of those students who has the grades, but I nominated her for her compassion and how helpful she is with everyone and anyone. I was out of school for a conference one day, and I came back to school with notes from the substitute that said Katie helped her find the things she needed, and helped keep students on task. That’s the stuff you can’t teach kids. That’s the stuff you come to class with that just wows us. She has a natural ability to lead others kindly and respectfully, and she truly cares for people. I’m grateful to have her in my classroom.”

Rayna Frasier

Frasier was nominated by Michael Hills.

“I nominated Rayna for her willingness to step up during our advisory period,” Hills said. “Our class won the door decorating contest against the other 10th grade advisories, in large part because of Rayna. She organized what we were going to do and led students towards the completion. She also purchased the items for the door (after collecting money from a few classmates). She was nominated by her advisory to do the pep rally challenge and accepted without hesitation. She is always willing to help me out when needed.”

Aileen Halloran

Halloran was nominated by Rachel Shrome.

“Aileen is a natural leader,” Shrome said. “She led the class in door decorating for the advisory contest and chooses to spend extra time leading activities.”

This represents Halloran’s second Patriot Pride nomination.

“The fact that two separate teachers think so highly of you to go out of their way and make those nominations really speaks to who you are, so keep it up,” Brooks said.

Emily Igler

Igler was nominated by Alicia Dobyns.

“Emily is a leader in my earth science class, and she has stepped up outside of my class,” Dobyns said. “I’ve noticed her in the school store. She stepped up to help with the Haunted House. She has joined my Cooking Club, and she’s a leader in that. I see her not only as a part of the school community, but she really shines as a patriot.”

Alex Loucks

Loucks was nominated by Billy Eipp.

“Alex is in the STEM-related classes that I teach, including my AP computer science class,” Eipp said. “He is an assistant in my cyber-security class, which he asked to do in the beginning of the school year. I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but now, I couldn’t do the class without him. He proposed a Computer Club that is going to start later this year. All of these things really speak to Alex’s, path and it’s very impressive to see someone finding their niche. He has great potential for the future in this path. That’s why I nominated him for the award, because I want to support that.”

Shane Mayer

Mayer was nominated by Erica Johnson.

“The amount of growth that I’ve seen out of Shane since freshman year is incredible,” Johnson said. “Freshman year, I couldn’t really get him to speak during class, he kept to himself and he lost his homework here and there. This year, every assignment is turned in, he’s the first person to raise his hand and he’s flying through Spanish. It’s super impressive because he’s challenging himself with a college-level course. The most impressive thing is he does not let anyone influence how he works in class. He is so hardworking.”

Hayley McDougall

McDougall was nominated by Kristina Marshall.

“Hayley is a star student, but the reason I nominated her is because she is in my advisory and she is like another teacher in the classroom,” Marshall said. “I have a large advisory, and she takes charge. I depend on her, so I wanted to recognize her for that because she is such a crucial component in my advisory.”

Kiara Nembhard

Nembhard was nominated by Diane Sollecito-Campos.

“When we think of words like kind, sincere, nice and cooperative, several students may come to mind, however, for me, there is one student who exemplifies those words,” Campos said. “That student is Kiara Nembhard. I have had Kiara as a student since sixth grade and she is a pleasure to have in class. Kiara is always willing to help other students and actively engages in all classroom activities. She is a conscientious, diligent, hardworking and thorough student.”

Nolen Neznek

Neznek was nominated by Wendy Carroll.

“I have a relative who has autism,” Carroll said. “I often see that people do not engage with people with special needs. Nolen has students with special needs who sit at his table. He always talks to them like people and that’s so important. I know a classmate who looks up to Nolen so much, and he’s making a huge difference in his life. Thank you for that.”

Jordan Perna

Perna was nominated by Rachel Shrome.

“Jordan balances everything,” Shrome said. “He’s figured it out when he’s feeling the heat, and he knows where to go if he needs a boost. He’s the first to say hello to everyone, and he’s just great. There’s no other way to explain it. He found a way to balance athletics, his emotions and school, and I think he’s doing a really great job.”