Elementary Extended Absence Tutoring Protocol

In the event a student is required to miss school for an extended period of time, such as during a quarantine, the Broadalbin-Perth Elementary School will work with families to arrange for continued instruction during that period of time. This will come in the form of both live instruction and independent work on the part of the student.

Upon learning that a student is quarantined via the Department of Health:  

  • Lori Nellis will notify Mr. Casey. Mr. Casey or his designee will notify the child’s teacher and arrange for a continued learning plan. This step may take 24-48 hours.
  • Classroom teachers will contact students/families to ensure they have the necessary resources for learning at home. This step should be taken within 24 hours of learning of the quarantine. Classroom teachers will remain the primary home/school contact and will remain connected to the student throughout the quarantine period.
  • Students will be sent home with a district-provided device and hard copy materials to work on while continued learning is arranged. If students are not in school when the quarantine begins, families will be contacted to arrange delivery (or pick-up) of devices and other necessary materials.
  • Continuation of learning instruction may be provided by a child’s teacher or another teacher in the elementary school. Every effort will be made to secure a teacher from the same grade level as the student in quarantine. Depending on needs, multiple quarantined students may be assigned to the same after-school-hours sessions.  


  • Platforms for use during quarantine include: SeeSaw for pre-K through grade 2, and Google Classroom for grades 3-6. In addition, there will be a grade-level Google Classroom set up for communication outside of core instruction.
  • Direct instruction will focus on ELA and math for pre-K through grade 4 and ELA, math, science, and social studies for grades 5 and 6.  Non-core courses will post activities in the grade-level Google Classroom.
  • Quarantine instruction will include a combination of live and independent learning activities. These will come in the form of live instruction, pre-recorded lessons, iReady lessons, YouTube lessons, and other activities provided through students’ grade-specific learning platform, i.e. SeeSaw/Google Classroom. Independent work assignments will also be presented.
  • Families should expect to be offered a minimum of five hours of direct instruction per week during the quarantine.
  • All teachers will be responsible to assess the social-emotional needs of students and contact counselors as appropriate.
  • Regular communication between home and school is essential and expected.  The district will use American Rescue Act funds to employ teaching assistants and an additional counselor to facilitate these connections.

The district will carefully monitor the rigor and effectiveness of this process and evolve as necessary to ensure students are provided the instruction and support they need.