3rd Quarter Grades at BPMS and BPHS

This update describes how Broadalbin-Perth CSD will handle grading for the 3rd quarter marking period for secondary students, which was scheduled to end on April 3, 2020. Although this guidance was written for teachers, we are sharing it publicly with parents and guardians to provide full transparency on the process we are using.

Recognizing the disruption the COVID-19 global pandemic has caused to the educational process, our typical means of closing out the 3rd quarter grades has changed. We want to hold harmless the students for circumstances beyond their control. For all students, BPCSD will base 3rd quarter grades on work assigned prior to March 13, the last day our schools were in session prior to the cancellation of on-site classes.

Calculating 3rd Quarter Average

  • Calculate student average based on grades and assignments submitted prior to the end of the day March 13.
  • Do not calculate zeros for missing tests or quizzes given after February 28.
  • Building leaders should be notified of any student receiving a 3rd quarter grade of incomplete.

Grade Reporting

  • Student grades and comments are due in SchoolTool by 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, April 8.
  • Report cards will be mailed Friday, April 10.

Make-Up Work

  • All students with an incomplete will be given a two week make-up window. The deadline for submitting make-up work is Friday, May 1. Updated report cards will be issued the week of May 4.
  • Teachers should review their gradebook for each student with a 3rd quarter incomplete to identify any assignments the student owes, exclusive of tests and/or quizzes.
  • Determine how the assignment can be made up and submitted via Google Classroom or other means appropriate to our current learning environment. Relay those assignments to the students with the accompanying due date of no later than May 1. Document your correspondence with students in this regard.
  • Given the circumstances, there may be assignments that can’t be made up, even with the most creative and flexible minds, i.e. science labs. In these cases, consider an alternative assignment that meets the requisite learning standards.
  • You are NOT required to change assignments to be compatible with our current learning environment, but you are welcome to do so.
  • IEP and 504 plans must be honored in the grading of all submitted work.
  • The make-up window is available to all students with an incomplete grade.

We understand that not all failing students will be able to improve enough to achieve a passing grade. Our hope is that some will.