9th Grade English Class: “Great Ice Cream Debate”

a male student wearing a face mask taste test ice creamB-P teacher Chereith Vincent was very impressed with the creativity her ninth grade English students showed recently, as they persuasively convinced her to incorporate ice cream into their argumentative writing/debate unit. 

The students suggested ice cream as their next debate topic, and it was not very difficult to convince Ms. Vincent!

Freshman Haleigh Hansen utilized the help of her grandmother, Ms. Bezio, who is the manager of the local Stewart’s Shops in Perth. Ms. Bezio graciously arranged for her store to donate 32 different flavors of ice cream for the project — enough ice cream for six different classes of ninth grade English students! She also arranged to have gift cards for single scoops sent home to the students learning remotely.

a male student wearing a face mask eats ice cream and logs information into a laptopStudents got to sample all 32 flavors of ice cream for the unit, as they debated with each other as to which ice cream was the best. They also practiced their sensory language by “blindly” describing what they tasted, smelled, and even heard as they sometimes chewed.


Ms. Vincent and Ms. Laird would like to extend a huge thank you to Stewart’s Shop in Perth and to Ms. Bezio for arranging the donation of ice cream. They would also like to commend their very clever ninth grade students for designing the entire debate unit, bringing the whole idea to life, and sprinkling in some fun at the end of the year!