Student Registration

Welcome to Broadalbin-Perth!

Step 1:  Fully complete a registration packet that is listed at the bottom of this page.  Complete one (1) grade-appropriate registration packet for each student that is being enrolled.

The following required documentation will need to be uploaded for each student in the following step:

  • Student’s proof of age (ie. birth certificate);
  • Two (2) proofs of current residency for the parent/guardian;
  • Parent/Guardian State-Issued photo ID, Passport, or Government Photo Identification.
  • Student’s immunization record;
  • Student’s current physical;
  • Grade-level student registration packet;
  • Court orders/documentation (ie: custodial paperwork, etc. if it applies);
  • Without a court order stating otherwise, both parents listed on the student’s birth certificate will have equal access to the student and their records.

Step 2:  Click the CONTINUE button on the left and complete the Online Pre-Registration form.  This will be a step-by-step process for you to fill in your student’s information.  You will be required to upload the documents that were listed in Step 1.

Step 3:  Submit your information and write down your confirmation details. Once submitted, you will need to contact the District Registrar, Mary Chizek at (518) 954-2631 or to set up an appointment to finalize student enrollment.

Examples of acceptable documentation:

Proof of Residency

Only children who actually reside within the district can attend school at Broadalbin-Perth. Parents/legal guardians of all new students must provide proper documentation to establish residency. It is necessary for you to provide at least two (2) acceptable forms of proof: 

  • A copy of a residential lease, deed, or mortgage statement;
  • A notarized statement by a third party landlord, owner or tenant from whom the parent(s)/guardian(s) lease or with whom the parent(s)/guardian(s) live; and/or
  • Such other statement(s) by a third party establishing the physical presence of the parent(s)/guardian(s) in the school district.
  • A pay stub;
  • An income tax form;
  • Utility or other bills;
  • Membership documents based on residency (e.g., a library card);
  • Voter registration card; 
  • Documents issued by federal, state, or local agencies, such as a social services agency or Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement;
  • Custody or guardianship papers.

Please note that any proof of residency that you choose MUST contain your physical address (not a PO box). Lease agreements should include the name of the owner or landlord, as well as their address and phone number.

Health Information

  • Proof of a physical exam completed within the past year. 
  • Proof of immunization.
  • Proof may be faxed to (877)-471-6579 directly from the physician’s office. 
  • A completed authorization to administer medication form, if applicable.

Additional Documentation

  • Prior school records and test results.
  • Most current Individualized Education Program (IEP), if applicable.
  • Custodial or guardianship documents, if applicable.
    • Evidence of custody of the child includes but is not limited to judicial custody orders or guardianship papers, or affidavits of custody from parent(s) and/or persons in parental relation.
  • Information related to a temporary living situation, if applicable.
  • Documents related to any prior name changes, if applicable.

Next Steps

  • Complete the online registration form.
  • Download and complete the PDF at the end of the online registration form.
  • Photograph or scan ALL documents, ensuring they are clear and easily readable, including:
    • Proof of age
    • Proof of residency
    • Parent/Guardian State-Issued photo ID, Passport, or Government Photo Identification.
    • Health and immunization records (can be faxed directly to the school: (877-471-6579) 
    • Additional documentation as defined above
  • Email all documents to Include the name of the student(s) and the primary parent’s name and phone number in the body of the email.