Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

The goal of the Academic Intervention Service (AIS) department is to help students develop the skills needed to demonstrate the confidence and knowledge necessary to meet the challenges of an ever-changing society. We will provide an academic intervention curriculum to enable students to realize their highest potential and gain a lifelong love for learning.

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Academic Intervention Services include the following two components:

  • additional instruction that supplements regular classroom instruction, and/or
  • student support services needed to address barriers to improve academic performance

Additional instruction means:

The provision of extra time (the intensity of such services may vary) for focused instruction and/or increased student –teacher instructional contact time designed to help students achieve the learning standards in the standard area requiring AIS.

Teaching assistants can be utilized but can only provide support for certified teachers who are the primary providers of AIS. Teaching assistants cannot be assigned as the primary provider of AIS, but can provide services in the nature of review, extension or project work following primary, initial instruction by the certified teacher.

Student support services means:

Interventions that address barriers to student progress in State Learning Standards/Common Core Standards requiring AIS may include, as needed, school guidance and counseling services to improve attendance, coordination of services provided by other agencies and study skills.