Academics at The Learning Community


Broadalbin-Perth began offering full-day pre-kindergarten in 2014.

Educational programs at the The Learning Community at Broadalbin Perth, which includes pre-kindergarten through second grade, are designed to foster a nurturing, safe, orderly environment that enhances students’ social and academic growth.

Although TLC serves the youngest learners in the district, the school’s academic program is rigorous. It is designed to provide all learners with a solid foundation in reading, writing, math and speech, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Small-group instruction and student-to-student interaction encourages a balance between the academic and social aspects of children’s development.

While they maintain high expectations for their students, administrators and faculty recognize that each child’s readiness to learn varies from one to another. To that end, teachers present concepts in a variety of ways so students can master and apply skills. Students learn strategies and techniques that help them independently evaluate and analyze — tools they can apply to more difficult concepts as they continue on their educational journeys.

Parents can learn more about what their children are learning at each grade level by referring to our Parent Guide to the Curriculum.


As teachers work with students on their literacy skills, they emphasize sounds and letters. Once those are mastered, teachers add in grammar concepts and teach students how to find information in text. During guided reading sessions, students read in small groups at appropriate instructional reading levels. During shared reading sessions, students focus on finding the main idea in a story, as well as identifying cause and effect.

Through the “Listen and Learn” strands of the TLC’s literacy curriculum, students use background knowledge to improve reading skills. By listening to informative stories, students improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary.

Science and social studies concepts are built into the literacy curriculum.


TLC students learn to write personal narratives, as well as opinion, informative and response pieces.


Math instruction at TLC focuses on foundational concepts, including counting, addition, subtraction, measuring length, telling time, counting money, and basic geometry, in both equation and word problem forms.

Beyond the Core

TLC students receive formal instruction in art, music and physical education. These subjects are taught by certified teachers who promote the integration of art, music and physical education into the core curriculum.

Student participation in TLC’s enrichment program, Think Tank, is based on assessments in reading and math as well as teacher recommendations. Think Tank classes meet several times each week. During Think Tank classes, students are encouraged to practice abstract and critical thinking, collaborate and communicate with peers, and think outside of the box on projects.