B-P announces final Successories winners for 2021-2022 school year

Spanish teacher Arlene Baldizon wins the day off!

B-P Yeti travel mugs will be awarded to Dominick Simeone, Kerrie Korona, Stephanie Klug and Kelly Dietz.

Five Successory winners
From left: Arlene Baldizon, Stephanie Klug, Dominick Simeone, Kelly Dietz and Kerrie Korona

We are proud to announce the fourth quarter Successories winners for the 2021-22 school year! Arlene Baldizon will receive a personal day and our other Successory recipients will receive a B-P Yeti travel mug.

All award winners were entered into a drawing, which was held during the staff recognition program June 23. Kindergarten teacher Christiane Gifford was randomly selected as the grand-prize winner of a $100 gift card.

Please read below to hear why each of these five amazing B-P employees were chosen to win a Successories Award this quarter! A big congratulations to them!

Arlene Baldizon

Teacher in a red shirt

Arlene Baldizon has been teaching Spanish at B-P for four years. Baldizon began her tenure teaching eighth-graders, and this year she transitioned to teaching ninth and tenth graders. Baldizon said, “I love teaching all levels but find the upper levels very rewarding. The relationships and impact you make with students is the best reward.”

Baldizon was nominated by a thankful student who sang her praises: “Thank you for being so helpful and understanding throughout the course of this year. You made Spanish easy and fun.”

When asked about the honor Baldizon said, “This award came as a complete surprise to me, as it was submitted by one of my students. The opportunity to help my students grow and learn has been an experience I will never forget. We all worked hard together and made it a great year. Seeing the growth my students have accomplished at the end of the school year always makes me so happy! [I have found that] building relationships with my students helps them want to learn and we can achieve more together. I am proud to work with the B-P student community. Every day is different, but I always look forward to going to work.”

It’s important to note why teaching this year was extra special to Baldizon: During the pandemic she taught her middle-schoolers remotely, never getting to spend any face time with her students. This year, since she moved grades, she had the opportunity to pick up with the same class she never had the chance to meet face-to-face.

“These classes are particularly special to me. We weathered remote learning and the pandemic together, and this year, having them in-person, in my classroom was just such a wonderful experience to continue to build relationships.”

Dominick Simeone

Older man in a blue shirt

Dominick Simeone is a custodian at B-P Jr./Sr. High School and has been an integral part of the Broadalbin-Perth community his whole life. He was born here, graduated here, and created a life and family in B-P. Simeone has been working in the district as a custodian for 20 years. His wife Joan Simeone was an English teacher at the elementary school, his daughter Ann Simeone is currently a fourth grade teacher in B-P, and he has three grandsons in the district.

Simeone’s nomination came from a very grateful submission. “Dominick is always behind the scenes, a quiet, laid back person. Dominick is one of our custodians who tries to help with whatever is needed. He is always cheerful, courteous and very respectful. Dominick works hard at his job every day with no disrespect to anyone.”

When asked about his reaction to winning a Successory award, Simeone said, “I can’t believe it. I never win anything, I am very excited!” 

Simeone has worked a variety of jobs throughout his life before he found his place here. He was a butcher at his uncle’s shop, Perth Food Center in downtown Perth, and he worked with his father at Violyn Service Station delivering oil before it was Stewart’s. 

Simeone says that this job is the best one yet. His favorite part of the job? “Watching the kids grow up and I enjoy socializing with the teachers – everyone is so nice.”

In his free time, he works with his horses and does maintenance around the house. Simeone joked, “Once you have a house you’re always working!”

Stephanie Klug

Blonde haired woman

First grade teacher Stephanie Klug is in her tenth year at B-P. She is very grateful to work with such an amazing team of teachers. Klug loves working with first graders because the students still have such “bright imaginations.” 

Her passion for teaching is obvious when you read her nomination. The nomination came from a parent who has had multiple children have Klug as their first grade teacher. “This is my last chance to recognize Mrs. Klug for being an amazing teacher, caregiver, and all-around human being. This past school year concludes the third consecutive year that we have had the pleasure of one of our children being in her classroom. The truth is, we are incredibly grateful for the time that we have had with Mrs. Klug, but are also heartbroken that for the first time since 2018 not one of them will enter her classroom. Despite this, we will be forever thankful that she took the time to get to know them both academically and personally, making school feel like a safe and warm second home. She is an amazing example of what a teacher should be. She identifies the needs of the children in her room and offers resources for further learning. She is a true pleasure and will be missed by not just our child but the entire family.”

When asked about her nomination, Klug said, “I am completely honored to be nominated. Saying goodbye at the end of the year is so difficult because you make such wonderful connections with your students and their families.” 

Klug’s favorite part about teaching is the ability to watch her students grow in all aspects throughout the year. She loves listening to their stories, and even writes some down throughout the years to never forget them. 

Klug and her husband, physical education teacher Rob Klug, have a first-grader named Harper. One fun fact about Klug is that she ran cross country at Siena and competed at the state level four times. Her father was her high school coach, and she still loves to run to this day.

Kelly Dietz

Woman smiling to the camera

Kelly Dietz has been teaching for 23 years, spending 22 of those years at B-P.  She began her teaching career teaching Earth Science and then moved to Regents Chemistry and AP Chemistry. Dietz also coached FIRST LEGO League and has advised the Science Honor Society. 

The path to teaching was not a straight shot for Dietz. After graduating from SUNY Albany with a degree in chemistry, she worked in a pharmaceutical lab doing research before she decided to go into education. She went on to receive her master’s in education from SUNY Albany.  

Her nomination came from a grateful student. “Thank you for always being so cooperative and kind about everything that we do. Chemistry has been made easy and understandable by you. There couldn’t be a better chemistry teacher. Thank you, Mrs. Dietz!”

Dietz said she was “surprised and honored by her nomination.” She continued, “It is nice to know a student took the time to recognize me for this award. I love teaching and do everything I can to help my students grow both academically and socially. Knowing that I have had an impact is the best feeling!”

Dietz said her favorite part of teaching is, “watching the kids get excited when they do labs or when I show them demonstrations. They love getting their hands on things in the lab and it is fun to see their faces light up when they see something cool! What’s even better is listening to them explain what they see.” 

Dietz tries to be outside with her family as much as possible when she is not teaching. They enjoy various activities such as swimming, boating and downhill skiing.

Kerrie Korona

Blonde woman in a black skirt

Kerrie Korona is in her second year of teaching first grade after being with the district for nearly eight years. Her time at B-P started as a substitute teacher, which then led her to her first teaching position at B-P as a sixth-grade reading teacher. Korona has enjoyed her time with the district. She said, “Every teaching experience here at B-P has been an exciting journey working with families, students and my colleagues.” 

Korona’s nomination came from an appreciative parent. “Ms. Korona has made first grade an exciting and enjoyable year for my son. She devotes so much to her students and truly cares about each and every one of them. She pays close attention to detail and has created a fantastic learning environment. My son’s love for learning and enjoyment of school has grown throughout the school year. Ms. Korona has also been great in communicating with my wife and I about our son’s allergy, always sending ingredient information whenever they have class parties or snacks. Her dedication to her class and profession is very much appreciated and I have seen my son make great strides this year.”  

When asked about winning, Korona said, “ I am both humbled and honored to receive a Successory Award,” Korona said. She noted that her favorite part about teaching is “Watching my students grow throughout the year and making the personal connections with both the families and students that will last a lifetime.”

This quarter over 20 faculty members were nominated for a Successory award. We are so grateful to our staff who go above and beyond every day for our students to make B-P the best!