B-P Junior/Senior High School Drama Club Presents “Annie” May 7-8

Pre-recorded show to be streamed online; Tickets go on sale Thursday, April 1

A graphic with a red background shows a yellow sun setting behind a city line, with the title "Annie" at the top.Although the story and music will be familiar to most people, co-directors Rita Swatt and Michael Ott are presenting a different kind of musical at Broadalbin-Perth Junior/Senior High School this year. This year’s student production of “Annie” will be pre-recorded and the edited version will be available for the public to stream on May 7 and 8. 

Streaming tickets go on sale Thursday, April 1 and can be purchased online at https://www.showtix4u.com/events/BPDramaAnnie

A “Household Pass” will cost $20 (plus applicable fees) and allow a person to stream the pre-recorded show from the comfort of their own home at 7 p.m. on either Friday, May 7 or Saturday, May 8. A “Video on Demand” option (also $20 plus applicable fees) will also be available from Sunday, May 9 – Sunday, June 6, allowing patrons to watch the video as many times as they would like for a 48-hour period. Each ticket purchase will be sent a unique passcode that will grant them access to stream the show. All proceeds will benefit the B-P Junior/Senior High School Drama Club.

A group of theater students block a dance number on the B-P stage.
Student director Sam Murphy helps block one of the ensemble dance numbers, “NYC.”

Like the majority of schools in New York state, Broadalbin-Perth made the difficult decision to cancel its spring 2020 musical just days before the curtains were to be raised on the drama club’s production of “Seussical.” The cast and crew had spent months preparing for the show, but without the means or permissions to livestream the show — in combination with the uncertainty of the impact of COVID-19 at the time — the decision was made to cancel.

B-P senior Sam Murphy was the lead in that show as the Cat in the Hat, but this year, she has returned as the student director of the 2021 musical, “Annie.” 

A young actress sits on the stage awaiting instructions at play rehearsal.
Alixandria Shrome plays the lead role of Annie.

“The fact that we’re actually going to be able to perform ‘Annie,’ and the community will be able to see it, has been a really positive thing for the cast and crew to look forward to,” Murphy said. “Rehearsals have been challenging — from having to wear masks while we sing, dance and act, to having quarantined castmates join us virtually for rehearsals — but I think it’s brought us all closer together as a team.” 

Co-directors Rita Swatt and Michael Ott said they started thinking about this year’s show in early summer 2020, knowing that they still might not be able to hold a live in-person show by the time spring 2021 came around.

“We specifically chose this play because we knew it was something we could get streaming permissions for,” Swatt said. “We learned a lot from last year’s situation and it helped to shape how we planned for this year’s show. This year, we were prepared for whichever scenario played out. We weren’t going to let anything get in the way of putting a show on this year.” 

The all-student crew has also been rehearsing for the upcoming musical production of “Annie.”

Two young male students use a table saw to construct scenery for the musical.

A female student paints black and white scenery for the musical.


Annie: Alixandria Shrome

Oliver Warbucks: Trenton Richmond

Miss Hannigan: Alexis Rodriguez

Grace Farrell: Kate Szumowski

Molly: Mackenzie Barkley

Pepper: Samantha Murphy

Duffy: Makayla Hodsoll

Kate: Katie Cromer

July: Adisen Eglin

Tessie: Jianna Parkes

Bundles: Carson Munn

Rooster: Isaiah Blackmon

Lily: Lillian Faulkner

Drake/Morganthau: Andrew Satas

President Roosevelt: Brandon Brodie

Hull: Jacob Hughes

Ickes: Logan Aery

Bert Healy: Logan Zara

Bonnie Boylan/Cecille/Lt. Ward: Lily Bown

Ronnie Boylan: Madison Sweet

Connie Boylan: Madisyn Wakefield

Mrs. Greer/Perkins: Tori Tambasco

Mrs. Pugh: Rylee Brown

Annette: Kate Bolebruch

Johonna: Allison Wakefield

Karol: Macy Sweet


Student Director: Samantha Murphy

Stage Manager: Logan Zara

Assistant Stage Manager: Samantha Westfall

Vocal Coach: Kate Szumowski

Choreographers: Lillian Faulkner, Ashley Marotta

Chorus Coach: Lily Bown

Dance Captains: Madison Sweet, Madisyn Wakefield


Ensemble: Macy Sweet, Allison Wakefield, Raylee Brown, Kate Bolebruch, Samantha Murphy, Makayla Hodsoll, Katie Cromer, Adisen Eglin, Mackenzie Barkley, Jianna Parkes, Andrew Satas, Lillian Faulkner, Madison Sweet, Madisyn Wakefield, Lily Bown

Stage Crew: Logan Zara, Samantha Westfall, Brandon Brodie, Alex Brown, Paige Fields, Logan Aery, Jacob Hughes, Carson Munn, Isabella Cowan, Giavanna Davey, Ava Ransom, Adrianna Sheckton, Brooke Taylor, Railey Taylor, Jordyn Sowle, Ashley Marotta, Emily Mickan, Taylor Dingman

Tech Crew: Michaela Staie, Taylor Dingman, Emily Mickan, Maura McClosky

Set Design: Samantha Westfall, Ava Ransom, Adrianna Sheckton, Logan Aery, Jacob Hughes, Giavanna Davey, Isabella Cowan, Paige FIelds, Alex Brown, Brooke Taylor, Railey Taylor