B-P staff recognized at end of the year celebration; Outstanding Patriots of the Year announced

Superintendent of Schools Stephen Tomlinson hosted a B-P staff recognition program Thursday, June 24, announcing employees who achieved tenure, recognizing staff members celebrating milestone years of service, honoring 14 retirees, and revealing the district’s four Outstanding Patriot of the Year award winners for the 2020-21 school year.

“I am incredibly proud of the way the B-P staff worked together to get through this past school year,” Tomlinson said. “They continually put our students’ needs ahead of their own and went to great lengths to ensure that our students kept learning and stayed on track. In what was one of the most challenging school years of my lifetime, I appreciate that we were all able to gather to celebrate, recognize and honor their perseverance and hard work from this past year.”

Each year, the district recognizes outstanding employees in four separate categories with the title of Outstanding Patriot of the Year. This year’s recipients include:

• Teaching/Administration – Alycia Spraker (ELA teacher, junior/senior high school)

• Instructional Support – Lori Nellis (school nurse, district COVID-19 Coordinator)

• Non-Instructional – Michele Marotta (accounts payable clerk and former BPIS secretary)

• Community Member – Jill (first grade teacher) and Robert Becker (B-P board of education member); together, the Beckers coach the school’s FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team, the Nut Jobs

a woman with a blue and white striped shirt holding flowers smiles at the camera
Alycia Spraker
a woman wearing colorful medical scrubs sitting at a desk smiles at the camera
Lori Nellis
a woman wearing a black shirt with a loose cardigan over top of it smiles at the camera
Michele Marotta
a tall man with facial hair wearing glasses and a blonde woman wearing glasses and a purple t-shirt pose together for the camera
Rob and Jill Becker


Retirees include:

• Teaching Staff:  Michele Giallonardo (33 years of service), Ingrid Hodgins (32 years of service), Richard Snyder (31 years of service), and Stanley Buyce (23 years of service)

• Teaching Assistants and Aides:  Dorothea DiNicola (15 years of service) and Deborah Holt (15 years of service)

• Custodial Staff:  Edward Kilmartin (30 years of service), Stacey Case (23 years of service), and Marie Michele Tremblay (15 years of service)

• Food Service:  Jacoba deJong (31 years of service) and Donna Ferguson (25 years of service)

• Transportation Staff:  Loretta Hoyt (bus driver/custodian with 35 years of service), Patricia Gardner (20 years of service), and Esther Tomlinson (5 years of service)

a blonde haired woman wearing a skirt and a white shirt receives an award from a man in a yellow shirt
Retiree Michele Giallonardo (33 years of service)
a blonde hair woman wearing a black dress receives an award from a man in a yellow shirt
Retiree Ingrid Hodgins (32 years of service)
two men wearing blue shirts stand next to each other in the auditorium
Retirees Richard Snyder (31 years of service), and Stanley Buyce (23 years of service)
a man with white facial hair wearing a button down shirt and khaki shorts accepts an award from a man wearing a yellow shirt
Retiree Edward Kilmartin (30 years of service)
a woman wearing a plaid shirt and white shorts accepts an award from a man wearing a yellow shirt
Retiree Stacey Case (23 years of service)

Milestone years of service include:

• 30 Years:  Penny Damphier, Edward Kilmartin and Diane Zukas

• 25 Years:  Donna Ferguson, Chris Goldy, Jeffery Jennings, Toni Scott

• 20 Years:  Kerri Barker, Kimberly Boswell, Mary Chizek, Carolyn Galati, Patriciat Gardner, Thad Izzo and Daniel Simonds

Those granted tenure include:  Kathleen Bolibaugh, Timothy Cornell, Daniel Hibbitts, Briana Rein, Shana Smith, Kayla Twardzik, Ana Ventre, Karen Verret and Christy Wallace