B-P student artists showcased at SPAC exhibition

Students holding their artwork student holding her artwork

In January, BPHS art teacher Wendy Carroll submitted artwork created by her students to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) Young Artists Exhibition, an annual event that is usually held on the grounds of the center.

“Then came COVID!,” Carroll said. “So there was no in-person show in June, but SPAC decided to create an online exhibition.”

Congratulations to the following BPHS students for having their artwork selected for the show: Isaiah Blackmon, Juliana Carey, Haleigh Hayes, Lena Minkler and Greta Spilken. Their work was selected from entries received from students from throughout the region.

To view the artwork by B-P’s artists and other student photographers, painters, illustrators, and sculptors, visit the SPAC Young Artists Exhibition online gallery at https://www.spacfoya.org/visual-art.

The Young Artists Exhibition is part of SPAC’s annual Festival of Young Artists event, which presents student art shows, poetry slams and live performances by young dancers, singers and musicians. According to SPAC, “This curated [Young Artists Exhibition online] gallery space was created to celebrate the work of the students involved in the 2020 festival, which was cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It continues to serve as an ongoing platform for student artists in the region to share their artistic visions and achievements – to inspire and enrich their peers and the community.”

Greta Spilken's Meguro River artwork
“Meguro River” by Greta Spilken


Julianna Carey's "Don't get lost" artwork
“Don’t get lost” by Julianna Carey


Isaiah Blackmon's artwork
Isaiah Blackmon’s artwork


Lena Minkler's Banjo artwork
“Banjo” by Lena Minkler


Haleigh Hayes's Shark arwork
“Shark” by Haleigh Hayes