B-P student artwork chosen for Regional Art Show at Paul Nigra Center

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Twenty-seven pieces of artwork created by 26 Broadalbin-Perth Jr./Sr. High School students will be featured at the 2023 Regional Art Show at the Paul Nigra Center. The pieces will be on display to the public from March 31 through May 25, with an opening reception from 4-7 p.m. on Thursday, April 6. The opening reception is open to the public.

The students’ works were submitted to the show by their teachers, Wendy Carroll and John Dievendorf. In addition to student artwork, the show will feature pieces of art created by artists who live or work in Fulton, Montgomery, and neighboring counties.

For more information, visit the Paul Nigra Creative Arts Center website. 

  • Ethan Bornt, 8th grade – “The Lone Wolf”
  • Tyler Carpenter, 10th grade – “This Old Chevy”
  • Eli Coffey, 10th grade – ”Fizgig”
  • Alyssa Dolcemascolo, 8th grade – “Roxy”
  • Anja Gatto, 8th grade – “Happy Dog”
  • Julia Hammonds, 10th grade – ”The Cliffs”
  • Noel Healy, 12th grade – “Milo the Great”
  • Isabella Kopsick, 10th grade – “Mabel”
  • Alexis Lin, 10th grade – “Lenny”
  • Kimberly Lin, 8th grade – “The Wolf”
  • Madison Maloof, 10th grade – “Buster”
  • Kylie May, 9th grade – “Mr. Cheese”
  • Keira McDougall, 10th grade – ”Duck!”
  • Keira McDougall, 10th grade – “Herman”
  • Allesandra Newhart, 8th grade – “Bambi”
  • Devon Oakden, 10th grade – “Eastern Hognose”
  • Jianna Parkes, 10th grade – “Looking for Treats”
  • Jillian Parkes, 9th grade – “Lion”
  • Gina Pasquariello, 10th grade – ”Monty”
  • Ellie Peters, 10th grade – ”Purple Fox”
  • Violet Priamo, 9th grade – “The Cat”
  • Nick Quickenton, 9th grade – ”Tasmanian Devil”
  • Olivia Rogers, 9th grade – “Mallard”
  • Brea Romano, 11th grade – “Bobby the Bobcat”
  • Seniya Salman, 9th grade – “RDJ 2.0”
  • Gianna Westerling, 8th grade – “Shaggy Dog”
  • Hollie Wilson, 12th grade – “Shadow of the Wolf”