B-P students to compete, judge at KidWind

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B-P students will participate in a variety of ways on Saturday, April 8, at the KidWind Regional Competition at GE Renewable Global Headquarters in Schenectady.

BPHS students Destiny Smith, Kaitlyn Hayes, Katrina Costanzo, and Erika Pitcher, along with Tyrae McIntosh from South Glens Falls, will have their wind turbine in competition after finishing first out of eleven teams at a qualifying event at TEC-SMART. Their team, called the Easy Breezies, experimented with 15 different designs before settling on a blade modeled to resemble a whale fin.

The Wind Turbinators, also made up of BPHS students, also will compete Saturday. The team consists of Emma Closer, Maria Meola, Antonio Zevola, Patrick Nellis, Avery Fenton, Emily McFarland and Meaghan Uhlinger.

While the other teams are are testing the limits of their wind turbines, another group of BPHS students will serve as judges at the event. Gabby Larsen, Jared Eipp, and Rhys Floyd were selected to listen to the teams’ presentations and ask questions to measure each team’s design innovation, documentation, report, and knowledge of wind industry.

BPMS is sending three teams to the competition:

• The MidKnights are comprised of Lexi Rodriguez, Mackenzie O’Connor, Marlysa Rackmyre, Makayla Hodsoll, and Cadence Clouser;

• Deturbination is comprised of Dan Dylong, Jake Terwilliger, Cam Polikowski, Sarah Larsen, Ivy Derwin, Kayde Smith, and Bethany Costanzo;

• The Humpty Dumpty Wind Turbinators are comprised of Brandon Miller, Kade Garrison, Collin Bolebruch, and AJ Christopher.

KidWind is a national program aimed at getting students excited about the promise and opportunities of renewable energy—specifically wind power—and its relationship to global climate change, as well as fostering opportunities for students to build, test, explore, and understand wind energy technology at a manageable scale.