B-P unveils long-range plan

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cover of comprehensive plan, "Innovate"The Broadalbin-Perth Central School District unveiled its comprehensive plan that outlines the district’s goals for the next five-plus years during a public presentation Monday, March 28, in the high school Virtual AP Room. The plan, titled “Innovate,” is the culmination of nearly two years’ worth of planning and collaboration with the community and is significantly influenced by the work of the 2028 Task Force.

“For the first time in my lifelong association with Broadalbin-Perth, we have a crystal clear road map for the direction our school district needs to go in the future,” said Superintendent of Schools Stephen Tomlinson, a 1987 graduate of the former Broadalbin High School. “This was truly a collaborative effort between the school district and our community, and I particularly want to thank the members of the 2028 Task Force who helped shape and clarify our goals for the future.”

The March 28 presentation also included a first look at the complete 2016 capital project proposal, which Board of Education members adopted March 21.

“The comprehensive plan and the capital project are inextricably linked,” Tomlinson said. “We simply can’t achieve several of our long-term goals without first completing much of the work that will be included in the capital project.”

The district began working towards creating its comprehensive plan in August 2014, when members of the Board of Education identified the need for a long-range district plan in one of their annual goals: “Create a task force to draft a plan for making B-P’s educational programs more flexible, customizable, college- and career-oriented, and tailored to meet students’ interests and needs to better prepare students for their futures.”

The task force first convened in December 2014, with parents, students, teachers, administrators, and representatives from business and higher education brainstorming and discussing ideas for the future of B-P schools. The group of more than 60 individuals became known as the 2028 Task Force, named for the graduation year of Broadalbin-Perth’s first class of full-day prekindergarten students, which enrolled in fall 2014.

During summer and fall 2015, members of the district leadership team took the raw ideas generated by members of the 2028 Task Force and developed them into long-term goals that address all aspects of the district’s education program. Those goals, along with academic and demographic data from recent years and excerpts from an independent study conducted by the Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA), are included in “Innovate.”

Broadalbin-Perth will mail copies of “Innovate” to every household in the district. Additional copies will be available at the district office, as well as at the town offices of Broadalbin and Perth and the Broadalbin village office.