B-P’s fifth grade class takes part in “Outdoor Education Day”

students are shown outdoor at the elementary school campus, as they participate in Outdoor Education Day

B-P’s fifth graders took advantage of some summer-like weather this week and moved their classrooms outside! The students rotated through three different stations and participated in activities that reinforced concepts learned in science on habitats and ecosystems, and in the poetry unit of ELA. In addition to reinforcing curriculum, the fifth grade teachers also incorporated activities to help students develop their awareness and knowledge of the natural world around them.

a group of students sit on the ground outside as two teachers explain the rules of an outdoor learning activity

students sit on the gound outside as two female teachers give instructions for an outdoor project.

students race to collect fake money that was spread out on the lawn during an outdoor activity day.

students take notes on their nature observations during an Outdoor Education Day

a montage of students outdoors taking part in Outdoor Education Day