Board of Education to meet at 3:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 23

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The Broadalbin-Perth Board of Education will hold its regular monthly meeting at 3:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 23 in the Margaret Robin Blowers Auditorium at B-P Jr./Sr. High School.

The district will live stream the meeting on its YouTube channel. Members of the public who wish to address the board must do so in person during the board meeting. However, because they will be discussing and considering important topics related to the return to school in the fall, board members are inviting members of the community to share their questions and comments below in advance of Monday’s meeting; see “Leave a Reply or Comment” and click on “Enter your comment here.”

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  1. With all due respect- please take a serious look at how schools in southern states are doing after opening. We ALL want to be done with the masks, but the numbers are not going the right direction at the moment. How many students/staff can be out on quarantine before the school has trouble functioning in person?

    None of your K-5 students are vaccinated yet.

    Please make your decision based on logic and science. Kids are resilient.

  2. It is my hope for the upcoming school year, that the focus will be on care.

    Caring for our community, caring for one another’s health and safety, and carefully making decisions that will ensure all children can learn in person, if they may reasonably do so. It is my expectation that the Board of Education will be measured and thoughtful in their planning, following the recommendations of the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Where there is a lack of guidance from the State, the Board of Education should become problem solvers, taking initiative to put forth a comprehensive plan that considers the increase in transmision associated with the Delta variant. Masking of all students and staff, social distancing, and implementing classroom ventilation are all a great start.

    Finally, for the upcoming school year, I hope that the Board of Education will work to unite the Broadalbin Perth Community. This year is sure to present many challenges, and we are all better served when we can respectfully work together.   

  3. First, I would like to thank the Board of Education, the administrators, and teachers at Broadalbin Perth. We have a tremendous amount of respect for you and appreciate how you have led the school over the past several years. Thank you for your efforts during the unprecedented and tumultuous year last year. You asked for our comments and questions pertaining to the planning of the 2021-2022 school year ahead of time ahead of time. Below are our families hopes for the upcoming year, why we pulled our children out to homeschool them last year, and our questions as we move ahead.

    The loudest and most frequent debate I have heard in recent months is the debate over whether or not our children should be wearing masks at school. Our opinion is there is no reason for our children to be masked in school, vaccinated or not. We were thankful to hear that the board expressed the same sentiment publicly earlier in the summer. We hope our children will not be required to wear masks in the upcoming school year.
    As a family we no longer feel compelled to wear masks to prevent the spread of Covid 19. We have stopped regularly frequenting businesses that require such a thing, and support the idea of respectfully declining to wear a mask or share personal medical information publicly. If you were to mandate mask wearing we would let our children know that we would support them if they wanted to wear the mask, but would also support them if they choose to respectfully decline/fight against it. Your mask policy alone will not keep us from reenrolling our children in the BP school system.

    Tremendously more important to us is the quality of education they will be receiving at school. Several policies/mandates this past year that BP chose to (or had to) adhere to inhibited the proper education of our students. Education is the primary reason I send my children to school.

    Mandatory quarantines due to exposure in the classroom are an interruption to learning. Our preference would be that our children remained in school to learn even if a close friend of theirs, in their classroom tested positive.

    Our biggest cause for concern, however, is the lack of

    Education took higher precedent and the children were kept in school

  4. It has been a stressful time after the last year and half we all had with remote learning, and with some students going back full time in-person last year, and now this year with all students returning to in person, there are a few questions on how the school will be proactive in handling the full capacity.

    1-With the highly contagious Delta Varient still spreading, and those 12 and under unable to be vaccinated, how will the school be handling the safety of all students and staff? CDC has issued an update 8/5/21 that recommended universal indoor making by all students, staff and visitors in K-12 schools regardless of vaccination status; and in addition maintain 3 feet distance between students. Will this be enforced by the school? And how will lunch time distancing be accomplished this year with more students?

    2- With the school being 100% in person how will education be handled with those that become exposed and need to quarentine? Will there be remote learning for those students, or will just be out of school and need to do make up work when they return? If you do have the remote learning for when out of school for younger students will they have to be on live classes durning the day or will they have work that can be done when parents get out of work?

    3. Is the school air filtration system up to NYS DOH regulations for COVID?

  5. The YouTube video is difficult to hear. Will minutes or a summary of the meeting be posted and if so, where & when?

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