Policy 1330

Appointments and Designations by the Board of Education


The Board is authorized to appoint individuals to positions which will facilitate the meeting of its responsibilities to the State, the School System, and the community. These appointments usually take place at the Annual Organizational Meeting.

The following shall be appointed annually:

  • a) District Clerk;
  • b) District Treasurer;
  • c) Tax Collector;
  • d) External (Independent) Auditor;
  • e) Central Treasurer, Extraclassroom Activities Account.

The following must be appointed but need not be reappointed annually:

  • a) Director of School Health Services (District Physician/Nurse Practitioner);
  • b) Supervisors of Attendance;
  • c) Committee on Special Education and Committee on Preschool Special Education;
  • d) Records Access/Management Officer;
  • e) Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Local Educational Agency (LEA) designee;
  • f) Compliance Officer (Title IX/Section 504/ADA) for discrimination and harassment issues;
  • g) Liaison for Homeless Children and Youth;
  • h) Chemical Hygiene Officer;
  • i) Dignity Act Coordinator (one in each building).

The following may also be appointed:

  • a) School Attorney;
  • b) Claims Auditor/Deputy Claims Auditor;
  • c) Internal Auditor.


The following designations shall be made by the Board of Education at the Annual Organizational Meeting in July:

  • a) Petty Cash Fund(s);
  • b) Official Newspaper(s);
  • c) Official Bank Depositories;
  • d) Official Bank Signatories;
  • e) Purchasing Agent;
  • f) Certifier of Payrolls;
  • g) Designated Educational Official (DEO) to receive court notification regarding a student’s sentence/adjudication in certain criminal cases and juvenile delinquency proceedings;
  • h) School Pesticide Representative;
  • i) Reviewing Official, Hearing Official and Verification Official for participation in the federal Child Nutrition Program (the Hearing Official may not be the same person as the Reviewing and/or Verification Official).


The following authorizations shall be made by the Board of Education at the Annual Organizational meeting in July:

  • a) Superintendent to approve budget transfers within limits prescribed by Commissioner’s Regulation Section 170.2 and Board guidelines;
  • b) Superintendent or designee to apply for Grants in Aid (State and Federal) as appropriate;
  • c) Establish mileage reimbursement rate;
  • d) Other(s) as deemed appropriate/necessary.