Policy 2.7

Planning and Evaluation of District Programming and Operations

The Superintendent is charged with developing an annual report on the programming and operations of the District minimally, the report will include:

  • 1. 5-year student enrollment projections.
  • 2. Presentation and analysis of Profiles of Performance. Included in this report should be:
    • District accountability status
    • Performance data on 3 – 8 state assessments, Regents exams, and SWD
    • Graduation rate data
    • Individual student drop-out
  • 3. 3 year program projections.
  • 4. 2 year projection of transportation, operation and maintenance needs.
  • 5. 2 year expenditure projections.

This report shall be submitted to the Board of Education at its October meeting which will permit sufficient time for review and discussion to impact program improvement and budget development processes.