Policy 2.9

Cooperation with Law Enforcement Officials

District officials are committed to cooperating with police officials and other law enforcement authorities to maintain a safe school environment. Law enforcement officials may be summoned in order to conduct an investigation of alleged criminal conduct on school premises or during a school-sponsored activity, or to maintain the educational environment. They may also be summoned for the purpose of maintaining or restoring order when the presence of such officers is necessary to prevent injury to persons or property.

Administrators have the responsibility and authority to determine when the assistance of law enforcement officers is necessary within their respective jurisdictions. The School District’s administrators shall, at all times, act in a manner that protects and guarantees the rights of students and parents.

Police officials have limited authority to interview or search students in schools or at school functions, or to use school facilities in connection with police work. Police officials, including K9 units, may enter school property or a school function to question or search a student or to conduct a formal investigation involving students only if they have:

  1. A search warrant; or
  2. Probable cause to believe a crime has been committed on school property or at a school
    function; or
  3. Been invited by school officials

Before police officials are permitted to question or search any student under the age of 16, the building principal or designee shall first try to notify the student’s parents to give them the opportunity to be present during the police questioning or search. If the student’s parent cannot be contacted prior to the police questioning or search, the questioning or search will not be conducted. Students 16 or older can be questioned without a parent’s consent or presence. The principal or designee will also be present during any police questioning or search of a student on school property or at a school function.

Students who are questioned by police officials on school property or at a school function will be afforded the same rights they have outside the school and questioning shall be in accordance with applicable law and due process rights afforded to students. This means:

  1. They must be informed of their legal rights.
  2. They may remain silent if they so desire.
  3. They may request the presence of an attorney.