Policy 4.2.7

Self-Funding Programs

The Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent of Schools to receive self-funded proposals for consideration and possible approval by the administration and the Board of Education, in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. The program shall contribute to the physical, social, emotional, and/or intellectual growth of students.
  2. Funds necessary to carry out the program shall be provided by the sponsors in the form of a gift to the School District for the express purpose of funding the program. If funding is discontinued, the program shall be terminated.
  3. The program shall be open to all qualified students, and no student shall be denied participation based upon financial limitation.
  4. The program shall not have a deleterious impact upon any existing programs.
  5. The programs shall be under the control of the Board of Education and supervision and administration of the Superintendent or his/her designee.
  6. The duration of any program authorization by the Board of Education shall be for one year and may be renewed upon reapplication.

All programs which grow from this policy shall be evaluated annually with the findings and recommendations submitted by the Superintendent of Schools to the Board of Education.