Audit Committee

The Board of Education will designate and appoint an Audit Committee for purposes of overseeing and carrying out the Board’s audit policies and the performance of related duties and responsibilities. The district’s Audit Committee shall be comprised of at least three members first appointed prior to January 1, 2006 and then annually appointed at the Annual Reorganization meeting in July. Employees of the school district are prohibited from serving on the committee.

The Audit Committee shall:

  1. Recommend internal and external audit plans to the Board, specifying the areas of District operations to be reviewed for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, operating efficiency and effectiveness;
  2. Receive and review the resulting audit reports; and propose recommendations to the Board for action as may be necessary and appropriate;
  3. Receive and review the report of the external independent auditor on any findings commented on during the annual audit report, and the management response thereto, and propose recommendations to the Board for action as may be necessary and appropriate;
  4. Oversee the selection of the internal auditor and the external independent auditor, pursuant to the relevant Board policies, and make recommendations to the Board for appointment to said positions; and
  5. Perform any other responsibilities outlined by the Board and/or as listed in the District’s Audit Committee Charter (see attached exhibit, A).

It is not the intent of the Board of Education that the Audit Committee participate in or be responsible for the day to day operations of the school district or in the decisions that are the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools or Assistant Superintendent for Operations, or the other district administrators.