Use of the District Credit Card

The Superintendent or his/her designee shall be responsible for the issuance, accounting, monitoring, retrieval, and generally overseeing the use of District credit cards by employees.


All credit cards issued to and in the name of the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District shall be held and supervised by the Superintendent or the School Business Official [or some other financial administrator the District deems appropriate].


When not in use, credit cards shall be kept in a secure location in the business office. Prior to the use of a credit card, a request must be made which shall contain the following information:

  1. Date needed;
  2. Date to be returned;
  3. Purpose; and
  4. Authorization

Furthermore, a requisition and purchase order must be processed. Receipts for expenditures for items purchased shall include the goods and/or services purchased, the amount of the purchase, date of the purchase and the District business to which each purchase relates. Any free items, or give away, due to use of credit card is the property of the school district and is to be turned over to the School Business Official. After use, the credit card shall be immediately returned to the secure location from which it was obtained. All receipts shall be submitted to the business official within __ days.


District credit cards may only be used for the purchase of the following:

  1. Goods and services for the District;
  2. Transportation for authorized trips;
  3. Lodging and meals for authorized trips or meetings; and
  4. Approved supplies and equipment.


The designated employee to whom a credit card is issued shall be responsible for its use and shall not allow the card to be used by anyone else or for any unauthorized purchases. Reimbursement for any personal or unauthorized purchases made with the district credit card must occur within 30 days of receipt of the credit card statement. Any impermissible or unauthorized use shall subject the card holder to disciplinary action in  accordance with the law, District policy, and/or the terms of a negotiated agreement. At no time should the District credit card be used for personal expenditures. If the Superintendent violates a provision of this policy, he/she shall be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the Board.


An employee of the District shall return the District credit card to the Superintendent, an appropriate administrator, or his/her designee by the date specified in the authorization, or upon termination of employment if earlier in time. Documentation indicating the goods and services purchased, the cost(s) of the purchase, date(s) of purchase, and the District business to which each purchase relates must accompany the return of the District credit card. This documentation includes any receipts from the purchases made.


Each employee issued a District credit card is responsible for the custody of said card. If a card is lost or stolen, the Superintendent, an appropriate administrator, or his/her designees shall be notified immediately.


All District credit card invoices shall be reviewed and documented in the same manner as other invoices. Credit card balances must (should) be paid by [the bill’s due date, and no later than 60 days within receipt of the initial statement]. Annual fees shall also be paid in a timely manner.