Policy 4.4.4


Ultimate responsibility for the insurance program of the school district rests with the Board of Education as part of its collective stewardship function.

On an annual basis the Board shall:

  1. Receive a presentation from a representative from the insurance carrier
  2. Consider and review the district’s insurance program in the areas of Risk, Liability, Health, and Life Insurance.
  3. Maintain a program of insurance coverage which meets legal mandates and in other areas in order to provide protection in addition and excess of that required by law.

Periodically but at a minimum of every three years, the Board shall:

  1. Require preparation of detailed specifications for competitive quotations.
  2. Require competitive quotations from selected brokers at least every three years.
  3. Require an analysis of the quotations.
  4. Require the preparation of recommendations of the agency broker with whom the insurance program should be placed.