Policy 5530

Petty Cash Funds and Cash in School Buildings

Petty Cash Funds

A petty cash fund of not more than one hundred dollars ($100) shall be maintained in the District Office and in each school building in a secure location. Payments from petty cash funds may be made for materials, supplies or services only when payment is required upon delivery. At the time of reimbursement, an itemized statement of expenditures, together with substantiating receipts, shall be submitted. Such accounts shall be authorized by Board resolution at their annual meeting.

Appropriate regulations shall be developed for implementation of this policy.

Cash in School Buildings

Not more than two hundred fifty dollars ($250), whether District or extra-classroom funds, shall be held in the vault in the Main Office of each District school building. Under no circumstances shall cash be left in classroom areas or desks. The District will not be responsible for funds left unprotected.

All funds, whether District or extra-classroom funds, shall be deposited prior to close of school each week. Only authorized personnel designated by the building administrator shall be allowed in the Main Office vault.