Policy 5710

Transportation Program

It is the intent of the Board of Education to comply with the letter and spirit of the New York State Education Law; with the regulations of the Department of Motor Vehicles and of the Department of Transportation and with the Commissioner of Education’s regulations and decisions pertinent to student transportation, and these shall govern any questions not covered by specific declaration of policy herein.

The purposes of the transportation program are to transport students to and from school, to transport them for extracurricular activities, to transport them on field trips, and to transport those requiring special services.

The Board of Education recognizes and assumes the responsibility for all aspects of the transportation of children wherein the health and safety of students are involved, for the Board of Education has a legal obligation to safeguard the welfare of bus-riding children.

Inter-District Transportation Agreements and Shared Services

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to enter into cooperative transportation services with other districts as a means of providing transportation in a safe and efficient manner.

The Board also allows the Superintendent to enter into Shared Services agreements for any transportation related services such as bus maintenance, bus leasing, and student transportation services provided the agreement is formally approved by vote of the Board of Education.

Scheduling and Routing

Bus routes are authorized by the Board of Education and any requests for a change must be submitted to the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Transportation services shall be provided to meet the needs of the students of the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District within specified limits and areas established by the Board of Education.

Use of Buses by Community Groups

Upon formal application to and approval by the Superintendent buses may be rented or leased to a municipal corporation; to any senior citizen center recognized and funded by the Office for the Aging; to any not-for-profit organization serving those with disabilities; or, to any not-for-profit organization which provides recreational youth services or neighborhood recreation centers. Such rentals/leases can be made only for times when vehicles are not needed for student transport and must be made for a consideration acceptable to the Board which shall not be less than the full amount of the costs and expenses resulting from the lease or rental.