Policy 6420

Employee Personnel Records and Release of Information

Personnel Records

Administrative regulations will be developed to implement the terms of this policy to maintain a personnel file for each teacher, administrator and support staff member employed by the District.

Regulations and procedures will be developed addressing the inspection by District employees of their personnel files.

Release of Personnel Information

All steps should be taken to protect the privacy of the employees of the School District. To ensure the individual’s privacy, directory or confidential information should not be shared with a third party except in the following situations:

  • a) When members of the Board of Education need information from the employee’s personnel record to aid them in performing their legal responsibilities in such matters as appointments, assignments, promotions, demotions, remuneration, discipline, dismissal or to aid in the development and implementation of personnel policies.
  • b) When the employee grants permission.

Procedures for obtaining consent for release of records to third parties shall be developed by the administration.

Release of Information Concerning Former Employees

The District shall not release information concerning the employment records, personnel file or past performance of a former employee, unless such information is required to be disclosed by law. Only the initial and final dates of employment and the position held shall be provided through a written response to a written request. The former employee may authorize the release of any additional information.