Policy 3271

Solicitation of Charitable Donations

School Children

Direct solicitation of charitable donations from children in the District schools on school property during regular school hours shall not be permitted. It will be a violation of District policy to ask District school children directly to contribute money or goods for the benefit of a charity during the hours in which District students are compelled to be on school premises.

However, this policy does not prevent the following types of fund raising activities:

  • a) Fund raising activities which take place off school premises, or outside of regular school hours during before-school or after-school extracurricular periods;
  • b) Arms-length transactions, where the purchaser receives a consideration for his/her donation. For example, the sale of goods or tickets for concerts or social events, where the proceeds go to charity, shall not be prohibited as the purchaser will receive consideration – the concert or social event – for the funds expended;
  • c) Indirect forms of charitable solicitation on school premises that do not involve coercion, such as placing a bin or collection box in a hallway or other common area for the donation of food, clothing, other goods or money.

Regulations shall be developed by the administration to implement this policy.

School Personnel

Soliciting of funds from school personnel by persons or organizations representing public or private organizations shall be prohibited. The Superintendent of Schools shall have the authority to make exceptions to this policy in cases where such solicitation is considered to be in the District’s best interest. The Board of Education shall be notified of these instances.

Distribution of information about worthwhile area charities may be made through the Office of the Superintendent of Schools as a service to School District personnel.