Policy 6570

Remote Working


Generally, the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District (“District”) believes that its goals and objectives are best served when employees work in-person on District premises. However, the District recognizes that, in certain circumstances, remote working or telecommuting may be advantageous to both the employee and the District. It may also be necessary in the event of an extraordinary circumstance such as widespread illness, natural disaster, or other emergency situation.  

When making decisions about remote working, the District will take into consideration any applicable laws, regulations, collective bargaining agreements, or existing policies and procedures. This policy will be superseded by any conflicting law, regulation, or collective bargaining agreement. 


Remote Working Arrangements

Remote working is not an entitlement or a District-wide benefit. The ability to work remotely is completely at the discretion of the District. Except where specifically provided by an applicable collective bargaining agreement, employees will not be permitted to file a grievance as a result of a denial of their request to work remotely. 

Upon request, an employee’s supervisor, in conjunction with the Superintendent or designee, may grant an employee a full-time, part-time, or short-term remote work arrangement provided that the employee’s work is able to be performed remotely and the employee has consistently demonstrated the ability to effectively work independently. 


Extraordinary Circumstances

In the event of an extraordinary circumstance such as widespread illness, natural disaster, or other emergency situation, it may be necessary to establish remote working arrangements for some or all employees. In these circumstances, the District will notify employees of whether they are expected to work at home full-time, part-time, or not at all. The District retains the right to change the remote working arrangement for any employee at any time. 


Continuity of Work

Unless specifically agreed upon, working remotely will not alter an employee’s work schedule, job duties, compensation, benefits, or any other term and condition of employment. Further, while working remotely, employees will be required to remain available during their normal workhours via email, phone, or other means. Failure to respond in a reasonable time frame may result in discipline and/or termination of the remote work arrangement. 


Compliance with District Policies and Procedures

District employees who are working remotely are required to comply with any and all applicable District policies, procedures, and other related documents as they normally would if they were working on District premises. Examples include, but are not limited to, the District’s policies and procedures on non-discrimination and anti-harassment, protecting the personal information of District employees and students, acceptable use, and copyright. Engaging in prohibited conduct may result in disciplinary action as warranted. 




Adoption Date 1/25/21