Policy 7400

Extracurricular Activities and Interscholastic Athletic Regulations

The extracurricular activities and interscholastic athletic program at Broadalbin-Perth Central School are designed to develop healthy and wholesome living habits and to allow students an opportunity to demonstrate their special abilities.  The privilege of participation is granted with the understanding that students accept the necessary responsibilities with regard to: (1) school attendance, (2) attendance at  practices, games, performances, etc., (3) academic eligibility, (4) extracurricular and activity/team rules, (5) conduct, (6) care of equipment and facilities, and (7) activity/team travel.

I. School Attendance

A student who is tardy or absent from school will not be eligible for participation at any extracurricular or athletic event or practice session on the day he or she is tardy or absent.  This will include participation as a spectator at such events.  The Building Principal may permit participation where, in his/her judgment, the tardiness or absence is unavoidable.  Students and/or parents are advised to make requests for excuses in advance whenever possible.

II. Activity/Team Attendance

Student participants are expected to attend all practice sessions, games, matches, performances etc., unless excused by his/her advisor or coach.  It is the student participant’s responsibility to notify the advisor or coach well in advance for such excuses.

III. Academic Eligibility

Any student participating in any extracurricular activity or athletic team who is failing two or more subjects will risk becoming ineligible to participate in the extracurricular activity or athletic program. The teachers involved will report the situation through regularly scheduled progress reports to the Building Principal or Director of Athletics.  Following notification to the parent of the student, the student will be given two weeks to raise the quality of his/her work.  If at the end of this period, the student has not raised the quality of his/her work in the judgment of the Building Principal or Director of Athletics and teacher(s), the student will be ineligible to participate within the extracurricular activity or athletic program for a minimum of two weeks or until his/her work meets the approval of the Building Principal or Director of Athletics and teacher(s).

IV. Conduct

Students participating in extracurricular activities or athletic programs should be mindful that they represent their school, home and community.  Student participants have an obligation to conduct themselves as good citizens both in and out of school.  Student participants are expected to conduct themselves as young men and women, displaying a mode of dress and behavior indicative of the school and community’s ideals.  Principles of good behavior and sportsmanship in which our school takes pride are expected to be displayed at all times.

A. Extracurricular and Team Rules

All student participants in extracurricular activities and athletic programs are expected to observe activity or team rules as prescribed by the advisor or coach.  Violation of extracurricular activity or team rules may result in a variety of disciplinary action including possible suspension or expulsion from the extracurricular activity or team as prescribed by this policy.

With regard to the use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and/or other controlled substances, the following rules shall apply:

During the season of practice or play as defined by Section II, a student shall not:

  • a) use a beverage containing alcohol,
  • b) use tobacco in any form, and/or
  • c) use, consume, have in possession, and/or buy any controlled substance defined by law as a drug (see #B6 for the selling and/or distributing of a controlled substance).  Only if self-administering as approved by the student’s physician can a student be in possession of a legally defined drug specifically prescribed by a physician for the student’s own use.

B. Penalties for Violation

If the violation occurs during the school day, on school grounds or during a school-sponsored event, the Controlled Substance Policy and Student Code of Conduct rules and consequences will be enforced concurrently with the additional consequences listed below. If the violation occurs beyond the school day or outside of a school-sponsored event, the consequences are as follows:

  • 1. First Offense: After confirmation of the first violation, the student shall be suspended from the extracurricular activity or athletic team as follows:
    • a. Athletic Team – for a period equal to 20% of the team league and non-league schedule. Where 20% or less remains in a season, the remaining league and non-league suspension from the team will be served in the next sport season. The athlete will continue to attend and participate in all practices. The athlete will not be allowed to suit up for games during the suspension. Parents will be notified by the Director of Athletics.
    • b. Extracurricular Activity – for a period equal to 20% of the activity days, including practices and/or performances.  Where 20% or less remains within the scheduled activity, the remaining suspension will be served in the next extracurricular activity.  Parents will be notified by the Building Principal.
  • 2. Second Offense: A second violation of any extracurricular or athletic team rules will result in the immediate suspension from participation in extracurricular activities or interscholastic athletics for one (1) calendar year, unless the student agrees to enroll in a counseling program approved by the Director of Athletics and/or Building Principal.  If the student agrees to counseling he/she will be suspended from all participation in extracurricular activities and/or interscholastic athletics for a minimum of four (4) weeks.  At the end of this period the student may apply for reinstatement into extracurricular activities and/or athletic program.  Prior to reinstatement, the student and his/her parents must meet with the advisor(s) and/or coach(es), Director of Athletics and/or Building Principal and counselor to discuss the condition of reinstatement.
  • 3. Third and Subsequent Offenses: A third and subsequent offense will result in the student being suspended from participation in extracurricular activities and interscholastic athletics for one (1) calendar year from date of notification of infraction. Parents will be notified by the Director of Athletics.
  • 4. Self Admission: Any student who turns himself/herself in for an extracurricular and/or athletic code violation before school personnel become aware of the violation shall be suspended from his/her team for a period equal to 10% of the total schedule of extracurricular activity and/or athletic games, league and non-league on the 1st offense only.
  • 5. Accumulation of Penalties: Penalties shall be accumulative beginning with and throughout the student’s participation in high school extracurricular activities and interscholastic athletics.
  • 6. Selling and/or Distributing Drugs: The student will be suspended from all extracurricular and athletic participation for one (1) calendar year. Parents will be notified by the Building Principal and/or Director of Athletics.

C. Care of Equipment and Facilities

Students with extracurricular activities and/or athletic programs are required to be responsible for all equipment issued to them.  They should not expect advisors, managers, coaches or others to assume that obligation.

Equipment issued to a student is to be used only for the purpose for which it is intended in practice, contests or performances.  No part of any uniform, equipment or costume is to be used in physical education classes or in any other way unless specific permission has been granted in advance.

Students are expected to refrain from willfully or carelessly damaging equipment, facilities, or property whether at home or on trips.

Missing or misused equipment will be charged to the individual responsible for it, and he/she will be required to make restitution.  No awards will be granted anyone who has not been cleared for equipment.

Any student found to be in possession of unauthorized equipment (i.e., Broadalbin-Perth Central School or any other school’s equipment) faces disciplinary action, including possible suspension or expulsion from the extracurricular activity or athletic team.  He/she will not be permitted to retain the article or articles and in the case of other school’s property, he/she shall return it and make an appropriate apology.  Trading of school equipment is prohibited.

Unauthorized possession of property may make one subject to arrest and/or legal action.

D. Extracurricular and/or Athletic Team Travel

All extracurricular or athletic team members are expected to use transportation provided by the school to events, contests or performances. In the event of emergency or extraordinary circumstance, advisors or coaches may allow a student who missed the team bus to participate. Students traveling with the extracurricular or athletic team are expected to abide by the school’s code for bus conduct.

Requests to be excused from the extracurricular or athletic team at any away school site at the end of the activity are permissible only upon written personal request due to an emergency situation made by a parent at the site.  Requests made by students although supported by written statements of parental permission will not be allowed.  A parent must be present to make the request to the coach.

E. Leaving the Extracurricular Activity or Athletic Team

Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, a student who joins an extracurricular activity or interscholastic team is expected to remain a team member until the activity or season is concluded or until released by the advisor or coach.

Athletic players suspended or expelled from one team will not be allowed to join another team in that sports season.  Upon quitting, a player will not be allowed to join another school team in that sport season without permission being granted from the first team’s coach or the next season without approval from the previous and future coaches and the Director of Athletics.

F.  Suspensions and Expulsions

Suspensions and expulsions from an extracurricular or athletic team are a serious matter. Efforts to correct behavior will be made by advisors and coaches and others to avoid the necessity of such a procedure.  Students who abide by the rules have little cause to worry; others who abuse the rules need to be corrected for the benefit of all. School staff will be fair and just to all.

  • 1. A suspended player who desires to appeal his judged suspension should address his/her request for appeal to the Athletic Director or Building Principal who shall activate the formal appeal process.
  • 2. An Appeals Committee composed of a Building Principal and/or the Director of Athletics will be called together to hear the appeal, within seven days of filing. The advisor or coach or administrator assigning the student’s suspension will not be considered eligible for selection as a member of the Appeals Committee.  The students will be allowed to present evidence on his/her behalf. The hearing may be attended by the student’s parents but will be closed to the public at large. The Appeals Committee will judge the merit of the appeal and report their findings and recommendation to the Superintendent for his/her action. Any decision by the Superintendent may be appealed to the Commissioner of Education within thirty (30) days of the superintendent rendering his/her determination. Any determination of the superintendent shall remain, pending a decision by the Commissioner of Education.