Policy 7540


The Board recognizes the need for suicide prevention and will instruct the Superintendent to establish a District crisis intervention team whose responsibility will be to develop a suicide response plan. This plan will be integrated into the existing school safety plan. The plan will include education and awareness of risk factors for youth suicide, procedures for intervening if a student exhibits risk factors, including referral services, and a post intervention plan to help the school and community cope with the aftermath of such a tragic event should it occur.

Suicide prevention will be incorporated into the curriculum to educate students. This will be done in a manner so as not to sensationalize the matter, but to provide students with information and resources on this important mental health issue. The District will also foster interagency cooperation that will enable staff to identify and access appropriate community resources to aid students in times of crisis.

The administration is responsible for informing staff of regulations and procedures of suicide prevention, intervention and post-intervention that have been developed by the District. The District will actively respond to any situation where a student verbally or behaviorally indicates intent to attempt suicide or to do physical harm to himself/herself. Staff training and professional development on suicide and crisis intervention will be made available.