Policy 7570

Supervision of Students

Students working on any activity must be supervised by the teacher or staff member in charge of the activity. This applies to all in school and extracurricular activities as well as sports activities and events. Permission to hold practices or meetings must not be granted unless a teacher or staff member is definitely in charge.

  • a) District personnel will be fully responsible for the supervision of all students in either their class or their after school activities.
  • b) Coaches will maintain supervision over the dressing rooms by personally being present during the dressing periods. Coaches are responsible for the supervision of their athletes at the end of practice. This may entail bus duty, or making sure students have transportation home.
  • c) Teachers and/or assigned school personnel in the elementary grades will be responsible for the playground supervision of all the children under their jurisdiction during the recess periods and before the regular afternoon sessions. The Principal will distribute the responsibility so that the playground situation will be properly controlled.
  • d) Students are not to be sent on any type of errand away from the building.
  • e) All teachers and staff working directly with students who have a history of wandering or elopement (i.e., leaving or running away from the premises without permission or notification) will be made aware of these concerns and of any existing behavioral intervention plan formulated to prevent or respond to instances of wandering or elopement.