Policy 8460

Field Trips

The Board of Education recognizes that field trips are an educationally sound and important ingredient in the instructional program of the schools.

For purposes of this policy, a field trip shall be defined as any journey by a group of students away from the school premises, under the supervision of a teacher, which is an integral part of an approved course of study and conducted for the purpose of affording a first-hand educational experience not available in the classroom.

Field trips are a part of the curriculum of the schools, and student conduct and attendance on field trips are governed by the same rules that govern regular classroom activities. The School System shall obtain written parental/guardian permission for students going on school-sponsored field trips.

The Superintendent shall prepare procedures for the operation of a field trip activity. Field trip support shall be determined annually by the Board during its budget deliberations. Regardless of the fiscal support for field trips, the rules of the School District for approval and conduct of such trips shall apply.

The Superintendent/designee may cancel previously approved field trips due to extenuating circumstances.