Smart Schools Initiative

Smart Bond Initiative

  • Passed by New York Voters in November of 2014.
  • Awarded $2 Billion to all Schools based on enrollment and state aid formula.
  • Broadalbin-Perth CSD’s Award is $1,385,510.

Rules for these use of these funds

6 categories

  • Classroom Connectivity
  • Classroom Technology
  • Community Connection
  • Pre-K Classroom Improvements
  • Elimination of Temporary/Trailer Classrooms
  • School Security and Safety

What you can’t do…

  • You cannot pay salaries.
  • You cannot pay for software.
  • You cannot pay for professional development.
  • You are expected to provide these, but you can’t pay for them from the Bond.

Step 1

  • Administration works with the district’s architects to establish priorities in the approved categories.
  • Consideration to
    • Broadalbin-Perth Central Strategic Plan
    • Broadalbin-Perth Central Technology Plan
    • Building Condition Survey

Step 2

  • Establish a Smart Bond Planning Committee to review these proposals.
  • Membership must include:
    • Students
    • Staff
    • Administrators
    • Board of Education
    • Parents
    • Community

Broadalbin-Perth Central School’s Phase 1 Goals

During the two years the district waited for approval, some prices changed. An amendment is required to adjust the budget to reflect those changes.

  • Begin replacing Classroom Interactive White Boards with Interactive Displays.
    • Estimate $700,000
  • Upgrade Network Infrastructure and Network Security
    • Including
      • File Servers
      • Firewall Hardware
      • Network Closet Hardware
    • Estimate $225,000
    • The district will also utilize Federal Category 2 Erate funding to supplement this item.
      • The Federal Government will reimburse 70 cents of every dollar spent on networking up to $225,000.
      • Combining Smart Schools and Erate means the district will accomplish nearly $1,535,000 in upgrades at no costs to the district.
  • Upgrade Data Network Infrastructure by replacing outdated Cat 5 cables and installing OM4 Fiber optic cable.
    • Estimate $155,000
  • Replace analog classroom speakers with a digital Emergency Classroom Notification system
    • Estimate $250,000

What happens to the rest of the money?

  • The remaining Smart Schools Funds will continue to be available. The Smart Planning Committee must recommend their expenditure, but they are “evergreen.”

Next Steps

  • The Smart Schools Committee met and has recommended that the Board of Education review this plan.
    • Board of Education can accept the proposals as the preliminary plan.
    • Smart Schools Investment Plan is then published on the school district web site with an email address for public comments for 30 days.
    • At a public hearing attached to the Board of Ed Meeting August, the Board of Education can review any comments on the Smart Schools Investment Plan and the plan can be approved.
    • Approved plan submitted to NYSED.
    • The Plan then churns through NYSED for about 15 to 18 months.