BPES’ FLL Explore team finishes season with special presentation

B-P Elementary School has a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Explore team called the Kits. They are coached by Jill and Robert Becker, along with B-P high school student Emily Mickan who is a member of B-P’s high school robotics team, the Nut Jobs. 

a group of young students wearing red team shirts and face masks pose in front of their presentation, along with their three adult coaches who are also wearing red shirts and face masks
B-P’s 2021 FLL Explore team, The Kits

FLL Explore is a non-competitive robotics program designed for children ages six to ten. This year, the Kits are made up of second grade students Raegan Green, Carter Benoit, Keegan Powers, Sophia Gisondi, Rigby Smathers, and Breanna Boswell. 

In previous years, the Kits’ season kicked off in September and the team attended an expo in January or February. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was decided that this year’s expo would be virtual. The Kits decided to not attend the virtual expo and instead, started working on a presentation in early January. 

Last month, the students were finally able to give their presentation at the school with their parents in attendance and two special guests as judges:  BPES Principal Dan Casey and BPES Assistant Principal Kerri Barker. 

two adults serve as judges for a student's team presentation
BPES Principal Dan Casey (left) and Assistant Principal Kerri Barker (right) served as judges for the Kits’ presentation.

The Kits were tasked with designing a hypothetical area where people from the community are encouraged to be active. They had to choose an existing area in the community in which to build their physical activity stations. The team chose the walking path behind B-P Elementary School in Perth. Each of the six team members designed a workout station that would be inclusive for community members, even if they were in a wheelchair. The stations include weightlifting, slides, running paths, scooters, bike racing, and monkey bars.

a trifold posterboard shows the Kits' presentation

a scene built out of LEGOS is used as part of the students' presentation