BPMS Cooking Club gets visit from author Jodie Fitz and Market 32

jodie fitz speaks with a cooking club studentThe BPMS Cooking Club got to spend time with author and chef Jodie Fitz during their after-school meeting as part of the Market 32 Kid’s Cooking Club. Ms. Fitz travels around the country working with students to teach them about cooking and making “real food fast.”

Ms. Fitz worked with sixth and seventh grade students to make a gluten, nut, and dairy-free corn salsa recipe. The activity was very hands-on for the students in the club, and students were able to incorporate a lot of cooking skills during the activity.

Ms. Fitz has written a book called “Fidget Grows a Pizza”. You can find more information about her here. The Market 32 Kid’s Cooking Club was designed to promote a love of food and cooking at an early age by encouraging creativity in younger cooks. You can find more information about the program here.

students participate in the bpms cooking club