Capital project update: Perth parking lot to reopen for start of school year

A brand-new parking lot at the Perth campus will be open when students start the 2017-18 school year on Thursday, Sept. 7. The new parking lot is completely different from what was there before, with a separate parking lot faculty and staff, a new area for buses, and a parking lot with a new access road for parents and visitors that features a dedicated student pick-up and drop-off lane.

Permanent signage designed to help employees, parents and visitors navigate the new parking lots will be installed to help motorists navigate the new parking lots, and district staff will be on hand during pick-up and drop-off times the first few days of school. All individuals visiting the campus must follow instructions given to them by district personnel to maintain safety and the efficient movement of vehicles.

There are now three driveways leading from County Highway 107 into the Perth campus. The driveway closest to the school is a one-way entrance for buses, faculty and staff ONLY. Upon entering campus, faculty and staff must immediately turn left into their dedicated parking lot, while buses will continue into the bus parking area. The middle driveway is a one-way exit for buses, and a two-way driveway for faculty and staff.

The driveway farthest from the school is a new two-way access road specifically for parents and visitors to the school, and those picking up or dropping off students. Where the access road enters the parking lot, the pick-up/drop-off zone is straight ahead, in the area bounded by curbing on each side. Individuals picking up or dropping off students should pull their vehicles all the way to the right in the pick-up/drop-off zone, and they must stay with their vehicles at all times.

Individuals needing to park their cars can steer to the left at the end of the access road to enter the parent/visitor parking lot. Parents and visitors entering the building or leaving their vehicles for any other reason must park in a designated parking space.

Around the perimeter of the parent/visitor parking lot, traffic flows one way, counter-clockwise. Between the rows of parked cars in the center of the parking lot, two-way traffic is allowed.

Pedestrians navigating the campus should stick to paved walkways; grass seed has been laid in unpaved areas.

Members of the school community can stay up-to-date on capital project work by visiting the Capital Project page on the district website. In addition, information about any changes to the normal operation or use of school facilities will be posted to the district Facebook page and shared with faculty, staff, parents and residents through email and the B-P mobile app (available for Apple and Android devices).