Congratulations to our first quarter Successories Award recipients!

Sr. HS Band Teacher Michael Graves wins the day off!

B-P Yeti travel mugs will be awarded to Nicole Hoyt, Sarah Cordts, Christine Yatzor, and Rebecca Oaks

a montage of five teachers are shown smiling
PRESENTING OUR 1ST QUARTER SUCCESSORIES WINNERS:  From left are Michael Graves (Sr. HS band teacher), Nicole Hoyt (teaching assistant, Jr. HS), Sarah Cordts (district library media specialist), Christine Yatzor (school nurse, BPES) and Rebecca Oaks (kindergarten special education teacher).

We are proud to announce the first quarter Successories winners for the 2021-22 school year! Sr. High School Band Teacher Michael Graves will receive a personal day and our other Successory recipients will receive a B-P Yeti travel mug. All award winners are entered into a drawing which will take place in June. A grand prize winner will randomly be selected from the pool to win a $100 gift card.

Please read below to hear why each of these five amazing B-P employees were chosen to win a Successories Award this quarter!

Michael Graves


a man wearing all black, with red hair and a red beard, poses with a saxaphoneMike Graves is the band teacher at B-P Sr. High School. This is his 13th year as a music educator and his third year teaching at B-P. He also happens to be a B-P graduate and actually took the position over from his former band teacher, Mr. Calvello. 

At B-P, Graves teaches concert band, pep band, marching band, music improvisation and college level music theory through FMCC. Outside of the music room, he also advises jazz band, AV club, the Jr. HS marching band club (new this year!) and coaches the JV boys soccer team, which just wrapped up an undefeated season. He also serves as the president of the Fulton County Music Educators Association.

A number of Graves’ students and their parents took the time to submit a Successory nomination on his behalf – FOUR of them, in fact! 

One parent whose child plays for Graves on the soccer team stated, “Mr. Graves has shown his dedication and commitment to B-P not only as a teacher but as the JV soccer coach. He has been committed, fair, and a positive influence to these boys.” 

Another nomination from the parent of a music student stated, “Thank you for going above and beyond to make high school band enjoyable. Between the duck race fundraiser, bringing back marching band, and finding opportunities for band students to excel, band has become one of my daughter’s favorite classes. It’s a breath of fresh air for her in her schedule.”

A music student wrote, “I feel like Mr. Graves makes our school a better place. I would have probably given up if Mr. Graves did not push us to work hard.” And finally, another student simply wrote, “Best teacher ever!”

Admittedly, Graves said he was “ having trouble coming up with words” after reading his nominations. “As a teacher I feel super lucky to be able to make music with these kids. I know I have a blast each and every day with them, and it’s really nice to know they are feeling the same!” he said.

Nicole Hoyt


a woman with is shown long blonde hair wearing a black dress and tattoos on her armNicole Hoyt is a teaching assistant at B-P Junior High School. She has been with the district since 2016 when she started as an intern in pre-K. She says she “loved working with the littles” and was a bit nervous when she was offered a position working with 7th and 8th grade students, but says the experience has been more fulfilling than she could ever imagine. “I truly feel as if I have found my purpose,” she said of her current position.

Hoyt’s nomination came from a fellow colleague who commended her ability to be a team player and her willingness to assist colleagues when they need help. 

“She never complains about anything I ask her to help with” and “she should be acknowledged for all the times she helps, without any type of problem doing it,” the nomination reads. The nomination also commended Hoyt’s demeanor, stating “she is good with students, staff and parents” and that the teachers appreciate that “she does such a good job with the students.”

“It was nice to be acknowledged for my duties, although not expected,” Hoyt responded. “I figured out really fast coming into this job that you need to be flexible and willing to do whatever it takes to make the day go smoothly, even though sometimes that means having many different roles. I’m not sure I would have been this successful without the help of many faces here in Broadalbin-Perth.”

Sarah Cordts


a woman with long blonde hair poses in front of a blue backgroundSarah Cordts is the district’s Library Media Specialist and teaches students at both B-P Elementary and the Jr./Sr. High School. This is Cordts’ second school year at B-P, having joined the district in 2020. Cordts says she knew she wanted to become a librarian ever since she was in second grade, and that she has “always had a deep love of reading and learning.”

At B-P, she is involved in many different committees, teams, and events around the district and says she truly wants to “help the students develop a love of reading.”

Cordts’ nomination came from a colleague who wanted to thank her for going “above and beyond in everything” and for “making sure that the students have a calm, safe space to learn and grow.” The nomination also commended Cordts’ ability to keep track of inventory during the pandemic and her flexibility in “packing, unloading and repacking everything that was moved – and then moved again – throughout the course of construction during the capital project.”

“You have also worked hard at making sure that the faculty and staff feel comfortable and supported,” the nomination continued. “Thanks to your efforts, and your lessons, students learn that it is possible to have fun while learning.”

“It is an honor to be recognized for this special appreciation,” Cordts responded. “There are many things a District Librarian does and I am thankful to be noticed. Every effort is really for the students.”

Christine Yatzor


a woman with long dark hair wearing a blue sweater stands in front of a blue backgroundChristine Yatzor is a member of the district’s nursing team and serves as the school nurse at B-P Elementary School. She has been a nurse for ten years and has been a member of the B-P team for the last three years. It goes without saying that the last two years have been extremely trying for the entire nursing team at B-P, as they’ve had to deal with COVID, contact tracing and quarantines on a daily basis – in addition to common ailments like stomach bugs, scrapes and scratches.

Yatzor’s two nominations were anonymous, but were submitted “on behalf of all students.” The first nomination read, “Thank you for ensuring children and staff safety, during these difficult times.” Her second nomination stated, “Thank you for putting up with it ALL to make our school healthier, safer and happier.”

“COVID has been really hard on all of us, but our school community is worth all the hard work we do,” Yatzor responded. “I am so thankful to work with an incredible nursing team and group of educators at B-P.”  

Rebecca Oaks


a woman with dark long hair, wearing a pink shirt with a black sweater poses in an elementary classroomRebecca Oaks has been a special education teacher for seven years. This is her third year as a kindergarten special education teacher in a direct consultant teacher setting at B-P Elementary School.

Outside of the classroom, Oaks is a member of the BPES PBIS committee, which helps to develop incentives for students who are working hard to earn Patriot bucks for good behavior. She also is a member of the Sunshine committee, a group that promotes community among faculty and staff members in the B-P district. This year, she also started working with 5th and 6th grade students each morning in the district’s Sunshine program. She is a National Board Certified teacher and has received certification as an Exceptional Needs Specialist (Early Childhood through Young Adulthood).

Oaks received two nominations from two very grateful families. Her first nomination read, “Thank you for having patience with my son, and never giving up on him – for being willing to look at him as the little boy that he is, and not just the diagnosis that he’s been given.” It continues, “Thank you for updating me on his progress every day. You keep your cool and you always seem to know exactly what needs to be done. You’re an incredibly gifted special educator and I know you’re going to change so many children’s lives with your knowledge, experience, and overall goodness and generosity of spirit.”

Her second nomination thanked her for “going above and beyond to make my son’s days enjoyable and encouraging him daily to be a better learner!”

Oaks said she was appreciative of her nominations and says she has been “extremely fortunate to work with parents who truly understand the importance of maintaining a connection between home and school.” 

“I love working with not only students, but their families, in order to help students reach their goals,” she continued. “Growth always takes time, but being able to celebrate and share triumphs with families is one of the best things about being a teacher!”