Congratulations to our third quarter Successory Award recipients!

Fourth grade teacher Dianne Magliocca wins the day off!

B-P Yeti travel mugs will be awarded to Rachel Blanchard, Madeline Hals, Alex Hitrick and Jolene Thompson.

Picture of five teachers
Presenting our winners: Dianne Magliocca (fourth grade teacher), Madeline Hals (Jr./Sr. HS English teacher), Alex Hitrick (Jr./Sr. HS music teacher), Jolene Thompson (fifth grade teaching assistant) & Rachel Blanchard (first grade teacher)

The district is proud to announce the third quarter Successory winners for the 2022-23 school year. B-P is grateful to have such an amazing staff who are dedicated to the district and their students. All award winners are entered into a drawing which will take place in June. A grand prize winner will randomly be selected from the pool to win a $100 gift card.

Please read below to hear why each of these five amazing B-P employees were chosen to win a Successory Award this quarter. A big congratulations to them!

Dianne Magliocca 

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Dianne Magliocca has been teaching fourth grade at B-P for 13 years. After the challenging pandemic years, she enjoys teaching all of the core content in ELA, math, social studies and science. In her view, fourth is the ideal grade to teach, and she hopes to spend the rest of her teaching years in what she calls “a treasured setting.” 

Magliocca said the award came at the perfect time after a stressful week of state testing. “I honestly am humbled by this honor. This puts such a smile on my face,” she said. “I was so proud of my students’ tenacity to push through the challenging demands the state test offered them, especially after all the missed in-person instruction in the past few years. They all stepped up to the plate.” 

In nominating Magliocca, a thankful parent wrote, “Thank you for being such a kind, fun and caring teacher. My son has improved through the year due to your dedication and the time you take to help him understand more. He loves going to school more this year than any other and has increased his confidence in his academics. We truly are lucky to have a teacher who treats her students like her own.”

Her second nomination comes from her son, a senior at the high school, who took a crack at her. “Thank you for treating kids with love every day and making them feel at home. You might love your students more than your own son.”

Magliocca said her favorite aspect of her profession is the personal connections she makes with her students.

“These children are forever my fourth graders! I repeatedly remind them that as they transition through the grades to stay in touch and keep me up-to-date as they enter the real world,” she said. “The relationships earned with my students are the most significant reason why I love my job and get up in the morning. They all hold a special place in my heart.”

Madeline Hals

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Madeline Hals is an English teacher at B-P Jr./Sr. High School, where she teaches grades 7-9. This year marks her second year in the district. Last year, Hals was a long-term substitute and worked with students who needed extra support during hybrid/remote learning.  She also co-coaches modified volleyball and softball with second quarter Successories recipient Allyson Chorba. 

The path to teaching was not a straight shot for Hals. Prior to discovering her passion for teaching, she had various jobs including as an oral surgeon’s assistant, a ski instructor and in management. She also did a stint as a preschool teacher before teaching older students.

Hals was nominated by her co-coach Chorba. “Madeline truly puts all her students and athletes first. The connections that she has made with students really shine when you go to one of her practices or games, along with witnessing her interactions with all students throughout the day,” Chorba wrote. “I have spent time during prep periods in Madeline’s room, and she has students popping in and out regularly just to say hi and check in. Students truly look up to her and respect her for her commitment to this school. I feel so honored to be Madeline’s peer, along with witnessing her abilities as a coach. She is going to continue to do amazing things at B-P!” 

Asked about her nomination, Hals said she was “shocked, thrilled and honored.” 

“The kind words that a colleague wrote about me shows that I must be doing something right in a time where everything is challenging,” Hals said. “It is always nice to know that someone else is noticing the hard work you’re putting into your job.”

Hals said her favorite part about teaching is the connections she makes with her students and athletes. She said she loves watching them grow throughout the year, not only academically but physically and mentally. 

“When I was searching for the right career for myself, one of the things I knew I needed in my job was a purpose. A purpose to get up every morning and make a difference,” she said. “Knowing that I have a hand in molding these young minds gives me that purpose.”

Alex Hitrick

Alex Hitrick not only teaches at B-P but is an alumnus as well. (He graduated in 2016.) This is his second year teaching music at the Jr./Sr. High School with courses such as Jr. High Chorus, School of Rock, Sr. High Chorus, Songwriting and Production, Piano and Music Theory. 

Hitrick received a resounding three nominations, all from appreciative students. His positive attitude and close connection to the students are obvious from the comments in his nominations. One student wrote, “Thank you for being the best teacher ever. You make singing so easy and fun. I know that I can count on you for everything. You’re so funny and accepting.” 

Another student wrote, “Thank you for being the best teacher you can be and giving us an experience we will always remember. You don’t just act like a teacher, you act like a friend, thank you!” The third nomination shared the same sentiment. “Thank you for being the best teacher and being our friend, too.” 

Hitrick said he was taken aback by being named a Successories winner. “The students’ kind words warmed my heart, and I am so appreciative of them. They’re the best!” 

Hitrick said his favorite part of teaching is enthusiastic students. “I am so fortunate to have the students that I do. Each of them demonstrates an amazing amount of passion for the music department, and it makes my career such a fulfilling experience in my life,” he said. 

Outside of work, Hitrick is a rock star as well. He is a member of two bands, the Monkberrys and Funk Evolution. He is also working on releasing his own original album.

Jolene Thompson

Woman with blonde hair smiling at the cameraFifth grade inclusion teaching assistant Jolene Thompson is in her sixth year at B-P. Her first two years were in the third and fourth grades, but then she found the perfect fit in fifth grade. She is part of a team of three teachers who teach ELA, math, social studies and science, as well as help with special education. 

Thompson said she was flattered by the comments in her nominations. 

“I am honored to be selected as a Successory Award winner, though I must admit it is a bit strange to be awarded for simply doing the job that I love,” she said. “I also feel incredibly grateful to work alongside such wonderful, caring coworkers who I can also call friends.”

Both of her notable nominations came from coworkers. An anonymous submission thanked Thompson for all she does to support fifth graders. “You are always willing to help any student in any way that you can. You not only do so much for our school, but you also co-advise the science club and organize the fifth grade outdoor education day. You are the kindest and most flexible teammate. You help our students not only academically but also with their social-emotional needs.”

Thompson was also nominated by fifth grade teacher Kristin Forest.

“Jolene always goes above and beyond every day and puts the students first. Through all of the chaos in the last few years, nothing has ever seemed to phase her. She comes to work every day ready to solve any problem, and she never complains,” Forest wrote. “Her patience with the students is legendary, and she is always willing to help them however she can. Jolene would never say a bad word about anyone and her positive attitude has helped so many students and colleagues get through the worst of days. Jolene is an integral part of the 5th-grade team who more than deserves the Successories award.” 

Thompson’s love for her students shone through when she was asked about her favorite part of the job. 

“I love working on the inclusion team and helping students of all abilities. What gives me the greatest joy is helping my students overcome challenges,” she said. “There is nothing greater than seeing the smile on a student’s face when they have worked through a problem and completed a difficult task. Those moments are what make me the happiest. I also love the chance to form connections with my students and have them be a part of my story.” 

Thompson said her family’s love for the outdoors brought them to the southern Adirondacks and specifically the Broadalbin area almost 10 years ago. With a background in environmental education, Thompson said she is thrilled to have opportunities to share outdoor skills and concepts with students both in class and in clubs after school. In her free time, she can usually be found outside either exploring the lakes, mountains and streams of the region with her children or enjoying a quiet morning run.

Rachel Blanchard

Woman with black hair smiling at the cameraRachel Blanchard says she landed her dream job when she was assigned as a first grade teacher in the district.  Hired in 2018 as an AIS math teacher, Blanchard knew after one year that first grade was the perfect fit for her. Blanchard said education was important to her family when she was growing up. Her father worked in schools, and she saw the difference he was making in students’ lives. She knew from a young age that she wanted to do the same thing. Blanchard worked for several years at a summer camp, and that experience solidified her love for children. She graduated from SUNY Oneonta in 2018 and received her master’s degree in literacy in 2021. 

Blanchard’s two nominations come from grateful parents. One wrote, “Thank you for always helping the boys and teaching them to be more outgoing and patient. They are growing and learning so much this year, thanks to your teaching methods and endless patience. We appreciate you more than you know!”

Another parent wrote, “Thank you for loving who my child is and accepting all of his energy and craziness. The improvement in his schooling and overall happiness is all because of you. I have never seen him so eager and so proud of himself with all the help you’ve given him.”

When asked how the nominations made her feel, Blanchard said, “It put the biggest smile on my face and brought me to tears! I feel so incredibly honored and thankful. Helping children feel accepted for who they are is so important to me, and to see that parents appreciate that reminds me of why I have a passion for teaching. I like to create an environment where my students feel safe and my nominations for this award really showed that I am doing just that.”

Blanchard said there is much she loves about teaching. “ I enjoy building relationships with my students and getting to know each of them individually. They all have their own personality, and I love to see them express that in the classroom,” Blanchard said. “But I would say my favorite part about teaching is when my students feel proud of themselves for their hard work.”

This quarter over 40 faculty members were nominated for a Successory award. We are so grateful to our staff who go above and beyond every day for our students to make B-P the best!