Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is being safe, respectful and responsible when using an electronic device.

Digital Citizenship means taking the same rules for good behavior that we have taught our children from a young age and applying them to the technology they use every day. For example, we teach our children not to talk to strangers, not to share personal information, and to be kind to others. These same rules apply to our children when they are in their digital world.

Students today spend an average of nine hours a day in front of a screen (movies, TV shows, games, electronic books, computers, phones, etc.). Students are tech-savvy but need to follow a set of rules to ensure they stay safe, respectful and responsible in their digital world. Employers and colleges are now searching social media and Google to find out more about their applicants. College students are getting expelled or losing scholarships because of inappropriate behavior online. Statistics also show that one out of every three students has reported being cyberbullied. (Source: “The Common Sense Census: Media Use by Tweens and Teens | Common Sense Media.” Common Sense Media: Ratings, Reviews, and Advice. 03 Nov. 2015. Web. 12 Sept. 2017.)

At Broadalbin-Perth, we are committed to teaching the necessary skills that students need to be successful adults. Students will learn about digital citizenship topics through discussions, videos and activities. Teachers at all four schools have participated in specialized training to equip them to teach our students digital citizenship, including Tammy Staie at TLC, Allison Renda at the intermediate school, Flo Glasser at the middle school, and the advisory teachers at the high schools. All of our materials are provided by Common Sense Education, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting teachers and schools. More information about the curriculum B-P uses is available on the Common Sense website.

We are also committed to helping parents understand their children’s 24/7 digital world. Common Sense Media is an excellent resource for parents. The site offers ratings and reviews for books, websites, games, music, TV shows, apps and movies. The site also offers articles, research, and a blog on up-to-date topics.

Parents should also keep an eye on the calendar of Parent University events. Many Parent University workshops address digital topics parents may find helpful when thinking about how to keep their children safe online.

Student Tech Team

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Broadalbin-Perth was one of the first school districts in our region to earn national recognition for its digital citizenship program.

The following teachers are Certified Educators:

  • Tammy Staie, The Learning Community
  • Allison Renda, B-P Intermediate School
  • Amy Schaffer, B-P Intermediate School
  • Flo Glasser, B-P Middle School