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Instructional Technology

The Broadalbin-Perth instructional technology department supports teachers and students in seamlessly integrating technology into the learning process. The department manages more than 2,100 electronic devices district-wide and oversees all systems that are connected to the Internet, including:

  • Switches, routers and servers;
  • Laptop and desktop computers, including Chromebooks;
  • Tablet computers;
  • SmartBoards and other Internet-enabled classroom displays;
  • Distance learning labs;
  • Scanners, copiers and printers;
  • Telephones;
  • Security systems, including cameras, monitors and ID badge readers;
  • The cafeteria point-of-sale system;
  • The punch-clock system;
  • Email for faculty and staff; and
  • The firewall and web filter.

Instructional technology staff coordinate and deliver professional development in group settings and one-on-one, primarily through Broadalbin-Perth’s A-PLUSS program, and support the technological aspects of the district’s programs that are funded by competitive grants, such as the Virtual Advanced Placement program.

The IT staff also provide software and hardware troubleshooting through the department’s Help Desk manage technology-driven projects; work with outside vendors; coordinate technology purchasing; and liaise with the Northeastern Regional Information Center (NERIC) and the WSWHE BOCES Learning Technology Service.

Connecting to WiFi

Step 1

  • For Chromebook: If you are on a Chromebook, go to the System Tray in the lower right corner and click on WiFi settings.
  • For Mobile: Go into your device's settings and select WiFi.

Step 2

  • Click on the name of the WiFi Network, "BPCSD-Guest"

Step 3

  • Click on the message that appears. This will take you to a login page.

Step 4

  • For Guests ONLY: Enter your full name and your email address. Click “I Agree to the Terms of Use” and then "Register."
  • For Students/Staff: At the bottom of the site, click on the sign-in button next to “Already have an account? Are you an Employee or Student?”
    • Login using your B-P username (do NOT include "") and password. Click “I Agree to the Terms of Use” and then "Sign In." This should keep you signed in to the Guest WiFi for two months.