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Student Use Agreement

Acceptable Student Use of Electronic Information and Access

The Broadalbin-Perth Central School District is committed to meeting the educational needs of each student as they work to become responsible adults. In partnership with families and the community, we strive to prepare each student intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially, while encouraging individual talents and abilities. In keeping with its mission statement, the district considers computer networks and the Internet to be a valuable tool for education and encourages the use of computer technology.

Students have the privilege of working on the computer network and accessing the Internet in individual classrooms, media centers and labs to help them perform academic work, to explore educational topics and to conduct research projects. The district is proud to offer wireless Internet access on both district-owned and personally owned (BYOD, or “bring your own device”) technology devices.

With access to computers, and Information and people from around the world, also comes the availability of material that may not be considered to be of educational value. As required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (, the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District will use Internet filters to block or filter Internet, or other forms of electronic communications at school to help ensure a safer environment. The district is not responsible for inappropriate content accessed on personal electronic devices via an unfiltered Internet or cellular connection.

The smooth operation of computer resources relies upon the proper conduct of students. These guidelines are provided here so that all students, faculty, staff, and parents are aware of the responsibilities. The privilege of using computer technology in school may be limited at any time if a student fails to comply with district polices and regulations.

To gain access to the Broadalbin Perth computer network and Internet, students each year must read and follow the guidelines. Students will sign the attached document along with their respective parent or guardian each year. This document will be provided to students at the start of each school year and returned forms will be kept on file in each respective school building.

In accordance with the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District policy the following guidelines are established:

  1. Personal Safety
    1. Users will not post personal contact information about themselves or other people. Personal contact information includes personal address, personal telephone number, etc.
    2. Users will not arrange to meet with a stranger they have met online, including social networks and chat rooms.
    3. Users will promptly disclose to their teacher or other school employee any message they receive that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable.
  2. Illegal Activities
    1. Users will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the district system or to any other computer system through the district system, or attempt to go beyond their authorized access. This includes attempting to log in to the network through another person’s account or access another person’s files. (These actions are illegal, even if only for the purposes of “browsing.”)
    2. Users will not make deliberate attempts to disrupt the computer system performance or destroy data by spreading computer viruses or by any other means. (These actions are illegal.)
    3. Users will not use the district system to engage in any other illegal act, such as arranging for a drug sale or the purchase of alcohol, gambling, engaging in criminal gang activity, threatening the safety of person, etc.
    4. The illegal installation and/or download of copyrighted software or files for use on district computers is prohibited.
  3. System Security
    1. Users are responsible for the use of their individual account and should take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to access their account. Under no conditions should a user provide his or her password to another person unless that person is an authorized technology system administrator.
    2. Users will immediately notify the supervising adult or a member of the District Technology Office if they have noted a possible security problem. Users should not demonstrate for or discuss the problem with anyone besides the supervising adult or a member of the District Technology Office.
    3. Users will not download or install software or other files unless directed to do so by a member of the District Technology Office.
    4. No personal devices will be connected to the district network without the authorization of a member of the District Technology Office. Users with authorization to connect personal devices to the district network are subject to the guidelines outlined in this document.
    5. No district-owned computing device will be used off the district network without proper permission and/or signed paperwork.
  4. Inappropriate Language
    1. Users will not use obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, or disrespectful language.
    2. Restrictions against inappropriate language apply to public messages, private messages, and material posted on web pages.
    3. Users will not post information that, if acted upon, could cause damage or disruption.
    4. The Dignity for All Students Act (2010) prohibits activities that create a hostile environment at school and school-sponsored events. Users will not engage in personal attacks, including prejudicial or discriminatory attacks.
    5. Users will not harass other people.
    6. Users will not knowingly or recklessly post false or defamatory information about a person or organization.
    7. Student use of mobile device cameras (personal or district-owned) on district property to take or store a picture of anyone, without first obtaining that persons explicit permission is strictly prohibited.
  5. Respecting Resource Limits
    1. Users will use the system only for educational and professional or career development activities, and limited, high-quality, self-discovery activities. Assigned educational activities will take priority over self-discovery activities.
    2. Users will download large files only under the supervision of a teacher and only when absolutely necessary. If necessary, users will download approved files at a time when the system is not being heavily used and immediately remove the file from the network computer to their personal storage device.
    3. Users will not post chain letters or engage in “spamming.”
    4. Student use of email, chat, messaging, and web-authoring will be limited to pre-approved curriculum-related projects that are supervised by a teacher.
    5. Users will subscribe only to high-quality discussion group mail lists that are relevant to their education or professional/career development.
  6. Inappropriate Access to Material
    1. Users will not use the district system to access material that is profane or obscene (pornography), that advocates illegal acts, or that advocates violence or discrimination towards other people (hate literature).
    2. If a user inadvertently accesses such information, they should immediately disclose the inadvertent access to the supervising adult or a member of the District Technology Office.
    3. The district will use filtering software as required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act. The district reserves the right to limit or deny access to any site that it deems inappropriate or outside the scope of the district’s mission to educate children.
    4. Users will not attempt to use Proxy sites to bypass district firewalls.
  7. Plagiarism and Copyright
    1. Users will not plagiarize works of others.
    2. Users will respect the rights of copyright owners. Copyright infringement occurs when an individual inappropriately reproduces as work that is protected by a copyright. If a work contains language that specifies acceptable use of that work, the user should follow the expressed requirements. If the user is unsure whether or not they are allowed under copyright law to use a work, they should request permission from the copyright owner.
  8. Due Process
    1. Violations of this policy may result in restrictions on access to the district’s electronic resources.
    2. Disciplinary action will be implemented in line with district policy for Code of Conduct and procedures established at the building level.
    3. When applicable, the district may involve law enforcement agencies.
    4. Damage caused by inappropriate or careless use will be the fiscal responsibility of the user.
  9. Privacy and Confidentiality
    • The district reserves the right to inspect and examine any school-owned or operated communications system computing resource and/or files or information contained therein at any time. When sources outside the district request such information, the district will treat information as confidential unless one or more of the following conditions exist:
      • When approved by the appropriate school official(s) to which the request is directed
      • When authorized by the owner(s) of the information
      • When required by federal, state or local law
      • When required by a valid subpoena or court order
  10. Assurances
    1. The district makes no warranties of any kind; either expressed or implied that the functions or the services provided by or through the district system will be error-free or without defect. The district will not be responsible for any damage users may suffer, including but not limited to, loss of data or interruptions of service.
    2. The district is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of the information obtained through or stored on the system.
    3. The district will not be responsible for financial obligations arising through the unauthorized use of the system.
    4. Parents or guardians will be informed of these procedures, which will be posted on the district web site.
    5. The district shall develop and implement procedures that provide for the safety and security of students using electronic mail and other forms of district electronic communications.
    6. The district is not responsible for electronic devices brought into the school, for example (but not limited to) laptops, tablets, phones, and other electronic devices.

Questions regarding the policy or administrative procedures with respect to the use of technology and/or electronic information may be directed to the Broadalbin-Perth administration.

Agreement to Acceptable Use Policy

Student Acknowledgement

I have read and understand the Broadalbin-Perth School Central School District’s Acceptable Use Policy. I understand that if I violate the rules my Internet/network access privileges can be restricted and that I may face other disciplinary measures.

Name (printed):________________________________________________

School: __________________________________________ Grade: ___________

User’s Signature: _____________________________________________

Date: _________________________

Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement

I have read and understand the Broadalbin Perth School District’s Acceptable Use Policy and have reviewed it with my child.

Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________________________
Date: ___________________

Please sign and return this form to the main office.