Donate boxed food items for the B-P Robotics Team’s Great Domino Challenge!

Food collection to take place Friday, April 23 at BPES during morning drop-off

black and white dominos are shown over a blue backdrop, with the B-P school logo and the Robotics Team's logo

The B-P Robotics Team called the Nut Jobs is asking for help from the entire community to help them with their Great Domino Challenge at the end of April!

The idea is to line the halls of B-P Elementary School with boxes of food for a dominos-style tumbling event. Ideally, the Nut Jobs would like to collect as many cereal boxes as possible but will certainly accept other non-perishable boxed foods like rice and stuffing. After the tumble is complete, the Nut Jobs will be donating all of the food boxes to local food pantries.

The Nut Jobs are coordinating a boxed food drop-off at BPES on Friday, April 23 during morning drop-off. Team members will be on site that day to collect items from families wishing to donate. Collection boxes will also be left in the main offices at BPES, B-P Junior High School and the B-P Senior High School through Tuesday, April 27.

The Great Domino Challenge will take place in the halls of BPES on Friday, April 30, with the help of an actual robot! Video of the event will be available to livestream – stay tuned for details!