Googly eye project spreads joy at BPES!

three students proudly show their chosen locations of where to place googly eyes throughout the building.

B-P’s instructional technology coach Allison Renda teamed up with fifth grade ELA teacher Nicole Szala for a fun project that ended up bringing smiles to everyone at BPES!

a student is shown strategically placing googly eyes on the faucet in a restroom. googly eyes are placed on the faucet in a restroom, giving the faucet a "personality."

Students watched a video about a phenomenon called “eyebombing” — placing self-adhesive googly eyes on common objects in heavily trafficked areas, as a way to give the object a “personality.” 

The objective is to create something joyful for the community, but B-P’s fifth graders took it one step further and used the project as subject matter for a creative writing activity.  

a student plans where to stick googly eyes on a fire extinguisher in the hallway of the school. a googly eye placed on a fire extinguisher gives the appearance of the object having a human face.

Each student placed googly eyes on an object somewhere on the BPES campus and created a character that they then wrote about. What a fun way to flex creative muscles and spread a little joy at the same time!

a teacher with blonde hair helps a student peel off the backing of self-sticking googly eyes to place on a hand sanitizing spray bottle.

 a self-sticking googly eye is placed on a hand sanitizer spray bottle as a way to give the object a human "personality"