Hashtag campaign to highlight current and future innovation at B-P

Learn more about B-P’s comprehensive plan

#BPinnovate_web_iconStudents and teachers across the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District are innovating every day both in and out of the classroom, and there is so much more they want to do in the future. To better share these innovative activities and ideas with the community, the district is launching a social media campaign using the hashtag #BPinnovate on the district’s website and social media channels.

The district is gearing up for the release of a long-term comprehensive plan for the future of the district, as well as an anticipated capital project that will prepare the district’s buildings and grounds to meet the goals of the comprehensive plan. In the months leading up to the publication of the comprehensive plan and the May 17 public vote on the capital project, the district will use the #BPinnovate campaign to highlight some of the work it is already doing toward meeting its long-term goals, as well as clarifying its vision for the future.

The long-term goals that will be outlined in the district’s comprehensive plan are a direct result of the work completed by members of the 2028 Task Force during the 2014-15 school year. The 2028 Task Force, named for the year B-P’s first class of full-day pre-K students will graduate high school, was made up of parents, students, faculty, staff, and community members. The purpose of the task force was to “draft a plan for making B-P’s educational programs more flexible, customizable, college- and career-oriented, and tailored to meet students’ interests and needs to better prepare students for their future,” per a Board of Education goal.

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