Innovate 2.0 Committee informs future pre-K through grade 12 roadmap

Members of the Innovate 2.0 Committee came together for their third meeting on Wednesday, March 22 as they continued their work to inform Broadalbin-Perth’s next strategic plan. During the latest meeting, members provided input on the milestones and transitions all Broadalbin-Perth students should experience on their journey to high school graduation.

Superintendent of Schools Stephen Tomlinson opened the meeting with a presentation that provided committee members with background information and introduced the essential question they would discuss in small groups using a brainstorming technique called mind mapping. (Read a recap of the presentation, view the final mind maps, and read the notes from each table.)

The March 22 meeting focused on the pathway students will take over their 14 years at B-P, from pre-K through graduation. Tomlinson spoke about the key transitions that students will experience as they progress through the schools and asked committee members for their input and ideas for activities that should be completed and benchmarks that should be met by all students along their pathway. Tomlinson emphasized that the committee’s challenge was to go beyond academics and consider activities and benchmarks that will help students choose a career path, develop their strengths, and grow into productive members of the global community.

The Innovate 2.0 Committee is made up of volunteers from throughout the school community, including students, parents, faculty, staff, and non-parent community members. The work of the committee will inform Broadalbin-Perth’s next five-year strategic plan. The district’s original strategic plan, “Innovate,” was published in 2016.

The final meeting of the Innovate 2.0 Committee is scheduled for Tuesday, May 2.

Click here for more information on the work of the Innovate 2.0 Committee and learn about Broadalbin-Perth’s original strategic plan, “Innovate.”