Mask mandate remains in effect statewide

Appellate Court Decision and Order of Full Stay

Dear neighbors and colleagues,

We recognize that this past week has involved uncertainty and confusion for parents of public school children throughout the state. To be clear, New York’s statewide mask mandate remains in effect while the issue works its way through the courts.

All staff, students, and school visitors continue to be required to wear a mask or face covering while in our schools and on our buses. There is no change to the health and safety protocols we have been following in recent months related to masks.

I understand that the mask mandate has been a divisive issue throughout our state. I expect all members of the B-P school community to treat each other with civility and respect. I will not tolerate any parent or community member showing disrespect to our staff, including our teachers, nurses, secretaries, and administrators.

As has been the case throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our priority continues to be the health and safety of our school community. I will continue to keep you updated as this situation evolves. Thank you for your continued partnership and patience.

Stephen M. Tomlinson in cursive
Stephen M. Tomlinson
Superintendent of Schools